Wow Junkies - Prot Paladin for Dungeons

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Icy Veins Build & Rotation

I’ve done a few Protection Paladins up to level 120 Manually but decided to give making a macro a shot. Feel free to comment both good and bad and any suggestions are welcome.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.3.

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Anybody know if I can put a conditional in that if Consecration is present to not cast it again?

I don’t think so, seen alot of macros that use the pre macro section on sequential and setting a loop limit

Example; if you put consecrate in pre macro and no where else then set a loop limit of 5 it will run the main sequence 5 times before recasting consecrate.

Then in theory you could count how long consecate is down for and how many times your main sequence repeats before needing a refresh then set the loop limit to that

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Adrain-morris I dont think the alt mod is working for shield of the righteous. When I hold it down the macor button shows the ability but I have to press the macro button manually for shield of the righteous to fire…then the macro continues cycling through as it should.

maybe you can look at it?

Does the alt modifier work for other macros for other classes you use? Because if not its normally a personal hardware problem, like in my case something is bound to alt outside of Wow and prevents it from working in game

Yes alt mod works for all my other macros by Elfy and others.

Alt works for me so it must be at your side Crisdan.

All i can say is i use multiple macros from Eflyau and bladpro with shift alt as mods and they all work fine.
tested on two different systems with same results. so I dunno.

Simple solution would be to copy the line of a working alt modifier you use, paste it into this macro and replace the spell name from demon hunter or what ever elfy macro you decide to use with shield of the righteous.

Have had similar success with dot refresh lines that would bug out and cast the same spell over and over

OK, just loading up my pally and checking to see if I did a spelling mistake in the code or not.

Nope works fine for me. Just held down Alt and it fired all 3 of my Shield of the Righteous off in a row.

Are you running this by mashing the button? or have it set up at a certain ms? I’m running it at 80ms bound to my side button number 4 on my Razor Naga mouse. I set up the macro to run while the button is pressed.

Yes I bound it to my button one on my razer naga. I am only getting shift as a mod key in this macro. alt and ctrl keypresses for me are not modding in this macro. so weird.

GSE Pause / Wait: Stop Wasting Multi Charges Abilities @WoWJunkies lutechi posted this earlier today, it could be the answer to your consecration problem friend :slightly_smiling_face:

ya me and Lutechi were working on that the other day on his stream.

Ok lesson learned. I went through every line of keybindings and now i can report any macro i run WORKS with alt, ctrl, shift modifiers. Thanks for fulling explaining that btw.