WW Monk Macro Shadowlands 9.0.1 - KENSHIRO TRAINED ME

Hello @everyone! and good morning.

Heres the macro i made for WW monk ( performs excelent! )

First of all, remember game is in beta phase /ptr ( some addons working atm )

Did mine with my macro external software logitech gaming software, but ofc you can do it
with Corsair Utility Engine, Steelseries Engine, Razer Synapse, Autohotkey, etc…


Talents are 2 , 2 , 2 , 2 , 3 , 1 , 2 ( Chi Wave, Chi Torpedo, Fist of the White Tiger, Good Karma, Dampen Harm, Hit Combo, Whirling Dragon Punch )




Talents: 2222312

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.01-alpha17-shadowlands.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Chi Wave, Storm, Earth, and Fire

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Whirling Dragon Punch, Rising Sun Kick, Blackout Kick, Fists of Fury, Fist of the White Tiger, Tiger Palm

Post Macro: Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger




Talents: 2222312

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.01-alpha17-shadowlands.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Chi Wave, Storm, Earth, and Fire

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Whirling Dragon Punch, Tiger Palm, Spinning Crane Kick, Fists of Fury, Fist of the White Tiger, Rising Sun Kick

Post Macro: Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger


/castsequence reset=90 Touch of Karma, Fortifying Brew, Dampen Harm
/cast Vivify



Great macro, used it with “Inner Strength” talent and both it and Hit Combo never fell off! Seems to be working great! thanks for your hard work on all the 9.0+ macros!

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Thank you Man.

I have a lot of free time now ( Hard things in life ) and want to Give back to the forum all the things & love i learned.

Also want to people get ready to play as soon as prepatch goes live!


Hi I cant get the gse to work on the ptr, any idea on how i can make work? :slight_smile:
and ty for your work


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alpha 17 is the one u want to download

Ty :slight_smile:


So I’m curious, is it supposed to lock up if you’re not level 50? I’m trying to level with it and it stops working after a little bit and I can’t figure out why.

Hello @micah-mcqueary-2

This macro is >50 ( or once u have all the talents )

I cannot say if leveling works as intented… try to delete spells like Hearth of Azeroth ( most common ), or other u haven learned yet etc…


I’ll do just that. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

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Great macro. THANKS!
Added /cast [nochanneling] Expel Harm to the premacro for some extra chi/heals.


question so the part with ToK, FB etc should be in a separate macro?
And why does single work fine but AOE seem to jam…I put both of them separate on my ui bars, but only the ST seem to do the job.
What am I doing wrong…

Hi Mate,

I have just seen this comment thought i’d reply and i hope i answer it as expected.

so the castsequence reset=90 would indicate that the macro will reset after 90s and i assume Touch of Karma, Fortifying Brew and Dampen Harm all have cooldowns, so if you have this macro in with your ‘AOE macro’ then I would advise maybe taking out the castsequence reset=90 or leave it as a seperate macro. I personally would advise to have these cd’s on seperate binds.

I hope this helps

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Hello there @JedLawton_2806 how is it going.

Yes, that macros i made on few posts are on a separate bind, and can be used within macro interface on wow.

Depends on how lazy you are… myself im a LOT hehe


Hey there,

i tested all ww macros here and this one is the macro with the highest dps. I get 70% Ratings on Warcraftlogs in Castle Narthria and play mythic+.

  1. But its still more portential in there, there are to less -Rising Sun Kicks & Blackoutkicks.
  2. The macro dont use Expel Harm

Maybe u can fix this for perfect

Thank You

This macro is amazing as is. Cant thank you enough. Its given me the urge to now level my monk.

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Hey everyone, hope you all had a good christmas… i was just wondering how do i go about making the aoe macro a shift mod on the ST one? i prefer to have them on one button if possible, and doing aoe by using shift

something like
/click [mod:shift] WINAOE
Put it in the keypress box under target enemy line

This is still the reigning champ for me. Above all other specs and macros. Fresh 60 pulling 3.5k sustained and 5k burst. Thats without covenant abilities. Running the macro at 100ms. Again cant thank you enough.

Is there a way to add the Kyrian abilities to this macro without breaking it? Im a long time lurker but have started teaching myself how to make and somewhat customize these macros. But i cant seem to add the Kyrian abilites without breaking it. Any way you could help? Would really push me over the edge dps wise. All input greatly appreciated.

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Hello and merry christmas

At the moment, im still with my Shaman and my first alter ( fury warrior )

So in due time, i Will level the monk to 60 and try this precisely covenant

Meanwhile FEEL free to brute test and Edit the MACRO.

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I’ve been using this with a couple changes for pvp and world quests stuff… wanted another class to pvp with when not running my warrior. Monk is really solid in pvp atm