Asbobunny 8.3 BM Macro V3!

10ms either over or below your Home ms is would be optimal…you’ll have to run 5 min practice dummies to find the right one.

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whats your ilvl deranged?..after a certian point, your essences will change drastically…and yours are still in cookie cutter mode for lower ilvls.

Hi I just wanted to say I have been using the macros on my x3 BM hunters with my Disc Priest leading and a Boomkin - it all works perfectly and I have been running levelling dungeons (now lvl 61).

I really appreciate it, so thank you :slight_smile:

That’ll be why then! I had it set at 80ms when my local and world ms are 30 :roll_eyes: thanks for the reply

P.s will the wrong ms be the reason my barbed shots uptime have been bad?

459 for single target but I lost out on 2 primal instincts to achieve it. My aoe fight set is 455.

What essences I have are all over the place which is why simming is a bit weird for me.
blood of the enemy is still rank 0. I’m not sure I’ll ever get this one done.
conflict and strife is rank 1. I got to 700 rating last week so I might be able to get rank 2 this week but rank 3 is still a long ways off.
I do have rank 3 world vein essence but no one else in my raid uses it and I find for a lot of fights I have to move to much to make use of it.
Both breath of the dying and condensed life force are rank 2.

I have yet to find a macro that can keep good up time on barbed shot until you reach the point were you have enough procs to basically spam it. If you have low crit/haste it can result in less barbed shot procs. The Bow from skit can also help with reducing the cd on barbed shot.

There might be a way by nesting the macro and setting a pause to say 5 sec. The problem I foresee is that you would waste procs by not casting them and if the macro goes to the next spell instead of barbed shot you won’t be able to cast it again until the 10 sec mark. You would have to find the sweet spot that works for your gear and ms settings and it wouldn’t work as well for anyone else.

I have 30 world ms and set AHK to 70 ms with the macro settings also at 70ms.

This thread has a lot of information on nesting the pause wait features.

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I promised to post some logs so other can see what it looks like and here they are.

I’m not sure what sim to run for Ra-den as its both adds that are cleave and aren’t and its heavy movement. So I did a quick sim on a light movement fight. Which is probably generous.

Not much to say so here is the link to the log.

It looks like I’ll need to work on two things here. First is adjusting the pause to get less wasted cobra strikes. I might increase it to 1.3 to 1.5. The second is that I may need a separate macro for an opener because if I hero on pull aspect of the wild is wasted. I’m already energy capped and I just can’t seem to spend it fast enough.

Where do you see the Checklist option in your last image? It looks like Raidbot but I can’t seem to find it

Oh thats

Its not the best for some specs and or classes but it does seem to be decent for bm hunters. Just paste your log then choose your character and it shows you what you can improve on.

Nice parse for Mátàlìn on Ra-den.

Are you just using the macro or are you adding your own keystrokes manually? I’m curious because it seems like I’m not doing enough Kill Commands, and comparing my Ra-den parse to yours, you have significantly more than me.

I had 14.7% of my DPS from KC, you had 19.8%. A significant difference.

I tried to check out you character in the armory, but she was wearing some legion gear so not sure what your stats are.

I’m running auto hot key at 70ms and in the gse options I also have it set to 70ms. My world ms is 30 or so most of the time.

The only manual key strokes I use are for defensive like Turtle and Exhilaration. Utilities like Cheetah, Disengage, FD, or Intimidation. Pet movement if the tank dies and I have to tank with my pet (usually only happens in the down group on Ny’zoth, otherwise its tank were it is ,rez, pet growl and tank till dead again. Cleared carapace this week with 3 people left pet tanking and I think the above ra-den clear was the same way.) and finally I manually use potions.

I think its mainly from the bow that drops of skit. It has a chance to reduce a random hunter cd so it reduces KC. And it also reduces BW which increases the damage dealt from KC. Another thing that it could be is for add swap fights were my pet has to run long distances I use a wolf for sprint while most people use a spirit pet, this allows the pet to get in range a lot faster.

I’m also using the nested macro to limit the amount of cobra shots. This increases the likelihood of KC being used more.

To do this add this macro to GSE.


Then add /click COBRA to the BMSOLO macro as the first thing in the key press area.
You might notice some changes in the BMSOLO this is because heart essence wouldn’t work for me in the PreMacro so I had to add it to the Sequence instead.

Finally set your click rate to what your ahk uses. I use 70 so I put it here.

Sorry I was doing some TW so I had the legion legos equipped. Was also testing out some t3 infinite stars but because they came from lfr they are a dps loss :cry: I hadn’t noticed the corruption and nobody whispered me for them, so they never found a good home.

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Thanks for posting all this. I’ve been kind of ignoring my macros for a while as I thought the talents hadn’t really changed much, so I was quite surprised when I simmed on a whim and found that AC and ToTH were better options now.

I’m going to run Asbo’s latest version here in raid next week, and then I’ll try the Cobra pause macro you posted and see how that compares. I need to get a good baseline first to compare against. I noticed that the Cobra macro you posted was set to 1 on the pause. Is that working the best, or are you still experimenting with more of a pause?

Anything else I should know before I dig in next week? I had been using the UBM macro for quite some time, guess I need to catch up.

So far 1 works the best yet. I tried more but it ended up with to much down time, capping me on energy. Its better to just eat the 14-18 average cobra shots not reducing KC’s cooldown then to not cast and energy cap.

If you run those talents just make sure to try to get 3 dance of death azerite traits and as much crit as you can get. Preferably around 30% or more.


other that the change for the heart, any other adjustments you made? (saw the earlier note about a modifier for multishot, which I’m going to add. Have myself too trained for that not to put that in).

You could do the modifier for multishot but his aoe works very well. I pull 120k on most average sized pulls and can do 300k on some larger ones like the ones before hive.

I had to change were the essence was as it didn’t work in the pre macro (so I put it in the regular sequence right below barbed shot.)

I also added a /startattck /petattack to both the single target and aoe macros. I find it preferable to tabing but you have to be careful to not cast after the current pack is cleared or you’ll pull another group.

I also removed the spirit beast heal. I don’t normally run a spirit beast as my raid needs hero and when I do I want to use it when needed and not spam it.

I think that was all. I tested a lot of other things but it was all a dps loss. You can check the above screen shot of the macro for any other changes.

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Do u add /click COBRA in the AOE macro too to the KeyPress Section?


Cobra shot wasn’t in the AOE macro so I didn’t add it. The multishot spam seems to keep beast cleave and stomp on cd. Just make sure you have an azerite piece for aoe that has rapid reload. The preferred set would be 3x dance of death, 2x primal instinct, 1x rapid reload. And the Vision of Perfection really shines here. At least I think it does I should double check that primal instinct stacks with multiple Aspect of the Wild casts.

Should it not look like this /click Cobra Shot?
Because /click COBRA has no effect too your macro because it is white, isnt it?

No it needs to be the exact name of the macro your nesting. Its white because its not a spell that it recognizes (it doesn’t read the nested macro until its used.) At least thats how I think it works.

That or its like the [combat] either way it works the way its show.

That pause macro was actually a dps loss for me…to the tune of almost 7k

Imported, wrote /click COBRA and bam…loss