Blood DK Updated 06/21/19

Boneshield is 9-10 stacks guaranteed.
AHK: 75, 150, 300 MS


Feral Macro: Feral Updated: 06/24/19 - #29 by lutechi
Guardian Macro: Guardian Updated 07/18/19


This would be very badass but it dont build boneshield so its useless

Been focusing on the bone shield problem and have cracked it.
I’ve updated the macro on first post. Let me know.

This only casts death and decay for me

type /reload after you import the script. It works fine for me.

New testing session. Original post updated to reflect new details.

NVM testing this out now

ya it just gets stuck at casting death and decany and wont do shit else

It’s cycling just fine in my testing - seeing marrowrend, heart strike, death strike, blood boil all alongside death and decay. Averaging 1.8k/1.9k dps with 198 gear level, 210 blade. Opening with 5 or so boneshield in quick engagements, maintaining 9-10 boneshield in extended fights.

/reload, relaunch the game or reinstall GSE addon.

I used this macro for 3 days without issue. Today it stays on D&D. I /reload, relaunch, delete, /reload, relaunch, several times. All other macros working fine. Any thoughts? TY!

reinstall GSE and clear you wow cache folder in root directory.

Updated version.

[quote quote=62056]Boneshield is 9-10 stacks guaranteed. AHK: 300 MS
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This macro contains 2macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

  • The Default macro is 2
Macro Version 1
Step Function: Sequential KeyPress: Contains various utility functions. Main Sequence: Blood Boil, Death Strike, Heart Strike, Death and Decay, Marrowrend KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.
Macro Version 2
Step Function: Sequential KeyPress: Contains various utility functions. Main Sequence: Blood Boil, Death Strike, Blooddrinker, Heart Strike, Death and Decay, Marrowrend KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.
Feral Macro: Guardian Macro:[/quote]

How do I swap between Macro Version 1 and 2? Or does it do it automatically depending on what instance im in?

Go into GSE, Edit the macro and the config tab has a “Default version”. Change that to 1.

Hey Sandwich really like your macro just 1 question your talents listed are 1221122 and you say the default macro is 2 but blooddrinker is a talent 2 selection.


I love this macro but all of a sudden it has began to act weird. When i run the macro I cant hold the right mouse button down to turn my toon or to adjust the height of the camera. The cursor constantly blinks from the wow hand cursor to the sword icon. I have disabled all trinket usage in macro and taken off the click to move option in mouse setting to no avail. Has anyone else had this issue, if so how did you fix it? Thanks in advance.

untick the trinket boxes or change from an USE trinket

Is this a single key macro?? Sorry very new to GSE.