Elfyau's 8.2.5 Ret Pally AOE/ST Macro's

As per request, I have made my single button macro into 2 one for AOE the other ST. Simple to use: plug and play press ALT to cast Flash of Light.

Run this @70ms



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Thank you for a fast response.

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It is very appreciated, your script is also great that the separate there because as I am left-handed I find it much more comfortable.

I hope you keep this script updated a big hug from argentina mar del plata

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Really noob question I use gse as I have had a major stroke and only have use of left hand it also affected my brain how do I use your macro I tried importing and it says macro not found I just need a simple way of transferring it to gse that wont stress me out.
many thanks.

I tested importing the macros and it works fine for me. I would suggest checking to make sure you have the latest version of GSE. then highlight and opy the macro you want, go in game and type /gs or /gse on that screen click import then in the empty box left click and then press ctrl+v then select ok. It should now be there.

Ahh did that and didn’t work then clicked box got a flashing tilde key and import worked so thanks for that only problem is it don’t work at minute it just will not start so will see what there is to do.

Ok if GSE isnt open type /gs or /gse once open look at the macro you want to use. If it has a picture of a book then left click that macro and the create icon button should show red if it is red click it if not left click the macro again. Once you have clicked the create icon button the picture of the macro should now be a red question mark now left click that question mark and drag drop it to your action bar onto the button you wish to be using it on.

What do you run this on AHK? Or do you do it manually?

have tested on AHK but I use my mouse software I run @70ms so start there and see how you go

thanks for the quick answer

No problem :slight_smile: hope it helps!

So I tried the AOE one and it will not fire dive storm at all.

NM i had the wrong macro lol!

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Glad you got it sorted out :slight_smile: nothing more frustrating than scripts not running properly!

Im curious as to why you have the [nochanneling] conditional in each line? I thought that only worked for effect over time spells/abilities like mind flay etc. Just wondering, Thx.

I have it in there so if casting flash of light when not instant it will not break the cast

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keeps saying “you are higher than the max level for this spell”
which spell and how do i fix it ?

There should not be any spell in there that would cause this… but saying that grab this addon https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/trufigcd and use it to see if you can pin point which spell it is, I cannot replicate this error so you will need to fins out what spell that is causing this so I can look into it. Cheers!

it was a trinket I have equipped from last expansion still. solved. Thanks !

No problem I have had the same issue before it drove me nuts (about 2 months before I figured out whats going on)