Enh 7.1.5 - Single Target

Note, this is a work in progress. I will most likely make edits to this shortly.

Key Talents:
Ancestral Swiftness
Fury of Air (you have to toggle the spell on manually)

I am using the latest release of GSE (version 2.0.1). This requires 2 keys to be pressed (credit to Spitz) for SS + Macro.

["Rhagna_ST"] = {
			["Talents"] = "1212122",
			["Default"] = 1,
			["Author"] = "Rhagna@Mal'Ganis",
			["MacroVersions"] = {
					"/cast Windsong",
					"/castsequence [combat] Rockbiter, Flametongue, Rockbiter, Lava Lash, Lava Lash, Rockbiter, Rockbiter, Lava Lash",
					"/cast Rockbiter",
					["KeyRelease"] = {
						"/cast [combat] Doom Winds",
						"/cast [combat] Blood Fury",
					["StepFunction"] = "Priority",
					["PostMacro"] = {
					["PreMacro"] = {
					["KeyPress"] = {
						"/targetenemy  [noharm][dead]",
			["SpecID"] = 263,

I have better dps with my modification of Spitz’ in https://wowlazymacros.com/forums/topic/enh-7-1-5-temp-fix/page/2/#post-39555, using the same talents. But of course YMMV. Feedback appreciated!

what do you mean 2 keys jonas

He’s referring to using a mouse or keyboard macro to punch 2 keys back to back over and over again, hitting Stormstrike first then hitting the Macro. It’s outlined by Spitz in https://wowlazymacros.com/forums/topic/enh-7-1-raiding/#post-36934.

This ensures you use SS on cooldown and then if it’s off cooldown the sequence will fire.