Enhancement Shaman Mythic+ 9.2

Hey there!

Here is my take on Enhancement in 9.2. Designed for M+. At the moment I am doing keys in the range of 10 - 16 and it works great.


Simple Enhance macro for M+
Puts down Windfury Totem when entering Combat.
Applies Flameshock to your main target and everytime you switch targets.
Designed to funnel damage into one target, whilst also doing great AoE.
Downtime is low. Use Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning as fillers (see Mods below).
No CDs or Utility spells are being used automatically.
Press Feral Spirits yourself.
Refreshes your Lightning Shield, Windfury Weapon and Flametongue Weapon when not in combat.

Covenant: Necrolords
Soulbind: Marileth
Potency Conduits: Tumbling Waves, Focused Lightning, Magma Fist
Legendary: Primal Lava Actuators + Covenant (later)
Stats: Mastery > Haste > Vers > Crit
Talents: 1-2-1-3-1-3-1

Alt = Chain Lightning
Shift = Lightning Bolt
Ctrl = Windfury Totem
Shift+Alt (together) = Primordial Wave → Lightning Bolt

Runs @ whatever MS works for you

Default Version: 3 (Primordial Wave on Shift+Alt)
Primordial Wave auto, Version: 2 (WIP)
No Primordial Wave, Version: 1

My Shaman - regularly updated

Some Logs
Mists +10 Log
DoS +13 Log
Some Keys - Log

If you are looking for a Raiding macro, check here.

Give it a try and leave some feedback!

Ressources I used, when creating the macro:
Raidbots - Simming
subcreation - comparing different builds
Warcraft Logs - more comparing
Wowhead guide on Enhancement


i love this post. very clear what you get and think will put out for others. tells what conduits you use. I am very excited to try this out and see how it works for me. thank you for posting this.


How do you think this would do as Vent with doom winds. I do not have the this Legendary

The best way to find out for your character is to sim the Covenant and leggo.

Let us know if there’s a DPS improvement!

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No idea to be honest. Haven’t tested Venthyr at all. But my guess would be, that Nekro is stronger, because of the low cooldown of Primordial Wave and the high damage of the buffed Lightning Bolt.

Next week you can wear two leggos, so think about getting it. And the Nekrolord gives you ALOT of Haste in groups.

Thank you! Love to hear how it performs for you!

Please pardon my stupidity on the subject, but how exactly would someone go about simming a covenant and legendary they don’t have? Could you point to a post, or maybe list out the steps involved? I know I’m curious, and I’m sure there are others that are as well.

One would use Raidbots for that.
But I think here is not the place to discuss how it works.

Here are some helpful guides:
Wowhead guide on Raidbots
Kalamazi video guide on Raidbots

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I saw you posting in the threads of @Elfyau and @Izzi and thought maybe I can help you with your question about wich covenant to play.
A basic rule of thumb: If you like any covenant ability, just stick to it. At the end it’s about having fun with your class. Every covenant ability feels different.
BUT: If you are looking for the best performing covenant for high m+ keys or CE raiding, looking at sites like subcreation can help you. They don’t show you “the best” covenant per say but what most people are playing at the highest level (high m+ and mythic raiding). And most of the time, they are right when it comes to performance.

Looking at the statistics there and reading some guides, e. g. wowhead guide on Covenants for Enhancement Shaman, you can this information together.

tl;dr : To get KSM or AOTC it does not matter what covenant OR class you play, as long as your performance isn’t too bad.

I hope this helps.

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I appreciate the help. I was asking because i wasn’t sure if it mattered with teh macro/(s) i was using. Some macros are made with a specific Cov or Legendary in use, or in mind. I was simply tryiing to make sure that elfy, and the rest that i was asking in, didn’t have a specific cov in mid to use for their macro.

I love how you explain and offer ur help to people. You are one of the good creators. What ms you running?


Ok, maybe I got a bit ahead of myself there.
Most macros work, even if there is a specific covenant ability in the sequence, that YOU don’t use. As long as it’s not in a /castsequence, GS would just skip it. Just open the macros ingame and look for it :wink: .

Thank you!
Mine is running at 40-250 MS, depending on what content I play. TBH, it doesn’t matter too much. It works good with most speeds, cause it’s only working down the priority list of spells. Just test what MS works for you.

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Update March 20th
I was thinking about automatic usage for Primordial Wave and came up with simple castsequence solution. It works, but is still a bit clunky, sometimes hard casting Lightning Bolt if there are not enough stacks of Maelstrom Weapon.
You can find the updated macro in the original post. Version 1 is still the default, Version 2 uses the automated Primordial Wave.

Feedback is much appreciated.

Update #2 March 20th
Added a Version 3 - this one not automatically using Primordial Wave and Lightning Bolt, but only when pressing Shift+Alt at the same time and holding until Lightning Bolt was cast. Also a WIP.

This has been pretty solid! I ran an 11 and 15 SD last night and I like it far more than the macro I hobbled together. I’m at 258 and seeing around 7k+ plus overall, some packs are peaking to 13-14k. My biggest issue is staying alive so certainly it should parse higher as I learn M+ pulls better.

Tonight is heroic raid, so well not sure if I’ll be using it on the bosses, I’ll report back.

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Happy to hear that! Thank you!

As for raid, just change Fire Nova to Elemental Assault and it should work pretty good. Also change to Nightfae, Dreamweaver. Haven’t tested it too much but seems to work ok.

Maybe I’ll create a version for raiding in the future.

Update March 23rd
Version 3 is now the default!
With double legendary this week, not using Primordial Wave in the macro would be a huge DPS loss.

Press Shift+Alt together, to cast Primordial Wave → Lightning Bolt. Make sure to spread Flame Shock to at least 4+ targets before pressing, to get the huge haste bonus from Unity.

If Shift+Alt isn’t possible for you, just use Version 2, which automatically uses it, but is by no means perfect and still a WIP.

Updated macro and description in the original post.

Just to give you an example of how it performs for me, ilvl 256 with double legos. This was in a +10 Mists.
New Project

Warcraftlogs - Log

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Update March 24th
I created a new thread with a macro designed for Raid. It’s basically the same as this on here, but with some tweaks and changes. It’s by no means perfect!

If you are interested, check it out here.

Update March 25th
Changed the main sequence to “Reverse Priority”, as recommended by @TimothyLuke. Performance is better now.
Updated macro in the original post.

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I never know how many MS to give I never know the difference and I don’t have much DPS
and I play by hand on a regular keyboard


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Test the macro out at 250 ms, record your results, then go up 50 ms and repeat till you find the sweet spot.

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