Ground Pound

*Updated 9/27/2018

Shout Outs!
-Massive Thank you to Vynivas for suggesting the Ignore Pain Shield Block castsequence, it provided a perfect foundation for this macro!


Now that BFA’s out I ended up rolling a Warrior for my main. Then with instances in mind after a bit I was not able to get into a dps role rolling Fury, so had to tank. I put this Macro together and have been play testing it since. Seems stable and is hitting everything that’s needed. Hope it fits for whoever needs it and any suggestions are appreciated.

-Update Logs-

*Update 1, 8/16/18- The priority list has been rearranged and Avatar moved to the PreMacro section. Defaulted tab 2 as the current version. Seeing more consistent Shield Slams as they reset for free.
*Update 2, 8/23/18 - Intercept has been removed from the main sequence and replaced with /castsequence [combat] Shield Block, Ignore Pain. In all the instance runs I preformed this kept Rage filling & spending at a great pace. Help Information for macro has been updated in macro & posted above. /cast [combat] Avatar has been added to the PostMacro for added attempts without being in the main sequence. The first talent has been changed from “Into the Fray” to “Punish” for added damage since haste buffs are now generated from trinkets & Azerite Armor passive.
*Update 3, 8/28/18 - Avatar has been added to the lower end of the main sequence to help trigger more frequently once off cooldown. Rallying Cry has been attached to the Ctrl mod for tricky situations.
*Update 4, 9/11/18 - A second tab has been added with a reworked macro! This one has castsequences worked into it for better firing of abilities. I’m seeing more DPS output in this variation as well. Also Rallying Cry has been moved off the Ctrl mod and replaced with Revenge for both tabs. The original macro will be held in tab 1 for now until further feedback on tab 2 is gathered. Title has been changed to better express a Warrior tanking =P
*Update 5, 9/27/18 - For Tab 2: Revenge Has been pulled off the main sequence and is just on the Ctrl mod, that way when you need to spam Ignore Pain you should have rage built up or can spam Revenge if needed. Also Last Stand has been moved from the Shift mod and replaced with Avatar, then Avatar can be used with better precision while in mythic+. I have Last Stand bound to Shift+Mouse 3 which seems good so far since its not on GCD.

Help Information -
Running at 58ms
Alt mod set to Ignore Pain, Shift mod set to Avatar, Ctrl mod set to Revenge.
Mouse buttons are Heroic Leap on B5 & Intercept on B4. For some additional mouse functionality Alt+B5 is Intimidating Shout, Alt+B4 is Shield Wall, B3 is Taunt, Alt+B3 is Heroic Throw, & Shift+B3 is Last Stand.
General ability bindings; Pummel is F1, Berserker Rage is F2, Rallying Cry is F3, & Battle Shout is F4
Also in the last line of the PreMacro is the orc racial ability, adjust or remove to what fits for you.
Version 6 - 9/27/2018


great macro, but i decided too mess around with it in-game. and now i am just trying to twink it and make it run better with razer synapase ahk.

i left the IP as a mod, but i removed the charge for tanks because i hate having it in a macro. so i replaced it with /castsequence [combat] Shield Block, Ignore Pain

i also removed last stand from the macro since i can easily press it. it has been working great, it keeps shield block and IP when up when i have the rage for it which sucks obtaining at level 52.

THE MS i am running at 40ms. yes i changed it for both 1/2

@Vynivas thanks for the feedback!

[quote quote=63670]i left the IP as a mod, but i removed the charge for tanks because i hate having it in a macro. so i replaced it with
/castsequence [combat] Shield Block, Ignore Pain[/quote]

I think I’ll try this out when I log on later. You placed this in the first line of the list? With the above setup in OP Ive been noticing it can definitely fill rage up for when you need it and that it may not have enough spenders mixed in. So some optimizing room if you will. Does having Ignore Pain within the castsequence drain rage constantly or seem to pace well between the Shield Blocks?

it will put both up if you have enough rage, other wise, it will do IP then block. if not enough, it will just do one of them and do the other when you gain rage it seems. my warrior is only 79 so you may have better results then me.

After testing it out further yesterday and hitting 120, having the Shield Block & Ignore Pain castsequence in the first line definitely keeps a great pace!!! I’ll update the OP with the current iteration.
Thanks again @Vynivas for suggesting it!!

Anyone tested this in mythic 0’s?
Just wondering as i’ve basically achieved everything this week on my main so I may make an alt. Deciding between Warrior/DK/DH for tanking as the forums here are active for those classes/roles.

[quote quote=64058]Anyone tested this in mythic 0’s?
Just wondering as i’ve basically achieved everything this week on my main so I may make an alt. Deciding between Warrior/DK/DH for tanking as the forums here are active for those classes/roles.[/quote]

@Heffa2, still working on gearing for heroic myself.
Yeah if anyone has any input on how this holds up in heroic or mythic please add some feedback!

holding up well in heroics for me. I love the new update.

Its good for hero i will try in myth tomorrow

Thanks for the feedback iamsystem & Der Mahoney! Glad it’s working well for you both!

Now that I’m into heroics too, it seems to be holding out fine from what I’m seeing.

I think an area it needs work with is Avatar. At present it triggers automatically via the Pre/PostMacro. Thinking of putting it back in the main sequence so it’ll trigger more readily. Also may dabble with some castsequences the way I put my Fury macro together, so it has more of a action/response built in. Anyone notice any timings they would like improved or overall suggestions?

At work now, so wont be able to tinker until later. Stay tuned and thanks!

Hello M8. Been fooling around in mythics whit your macro and it works Great. Got up to 330ish ilvl.

Myth funktioniert 5/8 Dungeons runnig and it works for me, we will show how it is on higher keys and Uldir :smiley:

That’s awesome, glad its holding up!!

Woah nice, keep us posted!

Updated the OP & Macro with some slight adjustments. Avatar has been added to the main sequence and Rallying Cry set to the Ctrl Mod. Happy Tanking =]

glad too see it working a lot better now for everyone now.

i hit 110 several days ago with my warrior so i stopped with that warrior and now i am leveling another warrior on a different server ;p

PS: sorry for a late reply and i did not see your message above me since i was in a dungeon at the time but it seems you guessed it right. i did put it on the “First Line”

What does the following mean:

Running at 50ms down 40ms up

Anyone has a screenshot so i can get a better understanding?

[quote quote=64967]What does the following mean:
Running at 50ms down 40ms up
Anyone has a screenshot so i can get a better understanding?[/quote]

Hi Joel,

I’m still playing around with this aspect, but I was thinking of it as “feathering” so the key press & release run at different intervals. Here is a img with the razer software of what this looks like.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I feel like i doing more DPS when i only have one delay versus having the delay separated. Like This…

Hey Joel,

Yeah absolutely! 35ms is definitely pretty fast so as long as you dont see abilities skipped to often then run with it! I ended up switching to the Logitech gaming software, and they don’t allow me to input different intervals as the Razer software. However I’m running most my macros at 58ms and that seems to be the sweet spot for myself. Its all variable, so glad its working out well for you!

Greetings all!

The OP has been updated with a new variation. Its located in tab 2 and seems to be preforming better then the initial iteration. Also if you test this with fury gear on I think this maybe PVP viable. Enjoy!