GSE Pause / Wait: Stop Wasting Multi Charges Abilities

This is amazing! It opens the door to so many opportunities! I know I’m going to use it for so many things :smiley: Thanks so much!!!

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This could be a good way to reserve rage and stop over laps of shield block and ignore pain, thank you for the post I look forward to trying it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good day, I did as it is written for you, several times reviewed the video and did exactly as you say, the macro worked as it should, but I have such a problem, when I run the macro, I turn off the sound effects in the game, tell me what the problem may be and how to fix it.

Hello there XamXan, I don’t want rule out GSE being the cause of it but it could be some other add-on maybe turning it off? The shortcut bind for sound is usually Ctrl+s I believe. Maybe check in the GSE options if there are any sound options checked.

At work at the moment, I will check and report back if ever find what might be the cause.

same here XamXan - something about calling another macro from within the macro turns it off

@XamXam - Short Version: if you are chaining macros you need to turn off the sound protection option in GSE as when chaining you are introducing a race condition that GSE has no control over

Long Version:
Now the thing to consider with chaining macros is that there is the problem of a race condition. A race condition is that something finishes after something else and has unintended consequences.

One of GSE’s options is to turn off the Error spam of “I dont have enough energy” etc. When you turn this function on what it does is add some code to your macro to take the current state (on or off) and store that, turn it off, run the macro, put back the initial state.

When you chain macros you have two macros doing that BUT the first macro doesnt wait for the second to complete so you get: get current state and save it, turn it off, call second macro, second macro overwrites that the current state is off, turns it off, first macro turns it back on and finishes, second macro executes, and turns off the sound as it started with sound off.

As neither macro knows about the other macro they compete. the best idea is to turn off error sounds and disable the option in GSE If you are planning to chain macros


Mr.Tim chimed in before I could - Mine fixed when I turned the sound option off

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Thank you very much for the clarification and help, now I’m just tired after coming home from work and can’t check yet, I think that everything will work correctly for me, if there are any problems, I will definitely contact you.

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this is going to be most useful for brewmaster then any other class/spec cause of brews

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I had just finally made an account here to post about this same thing then saw your post first. Wasn’t it such a revelation when you realized you could combine the functions? I felt like Isaac Newton ;p

This also works for great for no cooldown abilities that you only want to cast to fill globals but that have a tendency to lock up GSE. You know, when your DH casts Demon’s Bite 10 times in a row or your Priest gets stuck spamming Smite for 8 seconds straight. I’ve only just started experimenting with it on my BM hunter, but what I’ve found works best so far is something like this:


/cast Cobra Shot
/cast Cobra Shot

/cast Cobra Shot
/click pause 1
/cast Cobra Shot

/cast Cobra Shot
/cast Cobra Shot

Add or remove copies from the PRE and POST macro as needed. This makes it cast your filler almost perfectly without getting stuck on it and lets you clean up all those bloated macros with 5 copies of all your important spells. In initial testing im getting within 5% dps of my sim with a main macro thats only 5 lines long and afking, well within margin of error. This is game changing for GSE users who run top end content but were frustrated with mediocre parses from clunky/bloated macros.

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Holy Crap Zink, this was imba good for my macro. Ty alot for this :slight_smile:
My BM is now 95% of my sim so i love it. Also it functions flawless without any errors.
Best Regards

How it works?
Which BM macro do you use? Do you use cobra shot in the main macro and in the zink macro, or only in the zink macro?

Hi. I use
Asbobunny 8.3 BM Macro V2!
In that macro i take out all Cobra shots, the castsequence row.
Then i made a new macro as Zink typed and called it COBRA
Last i typed in Abobunnys macro on first row in keypress like this: /click COBRA.

Follow the instruction how to setup GSSE, watch the movie Mr Lutechi made.

It really works perfect for me. I have 50ms setup on my macro but that is just my point of perfect MS bacause i have 40-50 ms ingame.

Try and be amazed :slight_smile:

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hey any chance you can post the update on the macro thanks

Also zink what is /click pause 1 thanks

Thank you!! basically, you have the MS of your spam according to the MS of the game, right? Unfortunately my MS is around 100 - 115.

@nigel-pape please look up a little, you can find the “COBRA” macro 4 posts above yours… hope it helps!

I know but what is the /click pause 1

I suggest watching the video at the very top of this post. It completely explains what and how /click pause is.

It is an effective way to add a time gate to a macro by making your main macro activate or “click” an additional macro.

Hey I done exactly as you said in your description but cannot get it to fire Cobra Shot iv’e checked the youtube video above so i don’t know where i’m going wrong any help would be much appreciated thanks

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