GSE3 PvE/PvP 9.1 (No Fury Starvation And Never Stuck)

Update 2021-07-20: Made some small changes such as removed Fel Devastation from firing off automatically, incorporated Demon Spikes a bit later in the macro, made it impossible to fire off Demon Spikes and Sigil of Flame outside combat. Also, 2 G’s from my HDH macro post helped me fix the issue with the modifiers I had, so now you have Fel Devastation and Meta on mods!

Hello! I have just like you, tried everything and beyond here on this website. There are a couple good macros, but no great ones to the point where you could somewhat compare it to a Sim. They either get stuck and don’t fire any abilities for x amount of seconds, get fury starved or fury cap too much.
This Macro fixes this.

This macro is made for those who want to have the rotation done for them, but utilities like stuns, fiery brand, meta etc is done manually. Use Fiery brand lego for this macro.

These abilities are fully automated without hickups or fury starvation:

  • Immolation Aura
  • Soul Cleave
  • Fracture
  • Demon Spikes
  • Sigil of Flame

The rest you have to do yourself.

I also use this AHK script, so best bet is to use this if you want to have the same results as me:

Talents: 2313321
Made it so you can edit the macro, if you feel like changing it, I don’t judge! :smiley:


Usage Information

Use Fiery Brand lego for this macro.
I’m running this on 20ms, but I guess you can run with your own preferrable ms.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.39.

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Curious about your Tier 3 Talent. Why Infernal Armor instead of Charred Flesh. As Fiery Brand build is best for climbing keys

It doesn’t matter if you use Infernal Amour or Charred Flesh in M+, do what you want haha. In the highest highest highest keys, charred flesh might be better in some scenarios (on tyrannical).

Edit: It’s because Fiery Brand can only go to a maximum of 2 adds, so taking Charred Flesh only really makes sense in SUPER high keys with tyrannical (if you want to min max), otherwise Infernal Armour will prob help more as it’s an all around good pick for massive pulls and kiting.

Just wanted to add some quick feedback here: another very smooth macro. I had to make one edit though; when it imported, I believe you had attached Fel Devastation on a mod to Fracture, which is a build ability. I had to move it to the Soul Cleave line, which is also a spend ability. Otherwise, my character would never generate enough Fury to cast Devastation since it was originally in the Fracture line.

I dont think you are using my macro, I havent attached Fel Devastation on a mod to Fracture. I don’t have Fel Devastation in the macro at all except as an mod on KeyPress. Fracture is a talent, yes, that’s why i’m writing down what talents you should use, when using this macro.

What I think you are saying is, your character don’t generate enough fury for you to manually cast Fel Devastation whenever you want, and that is true, you need 50 fury to cast Fel Devastation.

I say it again, Fel Devastation is not in the macro, it does not fire off automatically, it’s a mod so you have to use it yourself. The reason why you can’t fire off Fel Devastation whenever you want, is because you again, need 50 fury, and why you dont have 50 fury all the time is because you are spamming Soul Cleave. You could put in more Fracture into the macro I guess, I’ll look into it.

Edit: Sometimes for me, I need to wait a couple seconds before I hit 50 fury to use Fel Devastation, but I will look and see if I can put in more Fracture without breaking the macro.

It was your macro, but you’re correct; I downloaded it again and your mod is in the Key Press section, whereas I moved it out into the sequence itself. So user error! I must have placed it in the Fracture line by accident and not the Soul Cleave line as I meant to. Disregard!! No need for any editing on your part.

Here’s how I set it up and it works well:

/cast [nochanneling,combat,exists,mod: CTRL] Fel Devastation; [nochanneling,combat,exists,nomod] Soul Cleave

So it will cycle through all of my builders/DPS abilities, but the two main spenders, I can alternate between the two depending on if FD is on CD or not.

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Oh thats cool! You seem more custom to this than i’m fam haha! Ill try it out, as it looks nicer!

im wondering wich fiery brand leggo you meen since there are 2
fiery soul or spirit of the darkness flame?

Oh it’s fiery soul fam

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hi testet your macro out on the dummy now. with your macro i made it to 33 stacks without pots flasks and food buff, where as the others here i only manged to get to 21 before i died.
i did some changes though i put fel devastation in the macro so it fires of automaticly and fiery brand.

Oh alright, yeah why i dont have them fired off automatically is because, you lose control over it, you wanna use fel devastation on cd, but also wait for certain scenarios where you want to be tanking a big hit. When you enter fel dev, you enter meta, so it’s a good defensive ability too.

imma yoink ur macro and edit it and post it on ur page if u dont mind :slight_smile:

update i just ended up making my own in my page

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I hope my macro could help you fam, been away for some time, if you have any questions just ask :stuck_out_tongue: