GSE3 PvE/PvP 9.1 (No Combo Starvation Or Gets Stuck)

Update 2021-06-27: Did something I don’t remember.

Update 2021-07-21: Updated the macro to support GSE3, and changed some small stuff. It should perform even better now.

Update 2021-09-19: Updated the macro even further with my havoc dh structure, it’s a lot better now!

Hello! I have just like you, tried everything and beyond here on this website. There are a couple good macros, but no great ones to the point where you could somewhat compare it to a Sim. This macro is mainly made for PvP, but should work in PvE too. It never gets stuck or gets starved of combo points.

This macro got inspiration from a lot of different macros here on this website, so I can’t take much credit. Because sub rogue is a burst subclass, you will naturally get very high dps first, then go down to about half, or a third sustained dps. I will however look to min/max this macro to the point of it being as close to sim as possible. It’s still very very close to sim, but I might be able to do better.

These abilities are fully automated without hickups:

  • Backstab
  • Eviscerate
  • Slice and dice
  • Shadowstrike
  • Rupture
  • Marked for death
  • Symbols of death
  • Shadow blades

The rest you have to do yourself.

I’m using this AHK script, so if you want to get better chances of getting the same results as me you should use it too.

Talents: 2233331

Made it so you can edit the macro, if you feel like changing it, I don’t judge! :smile:


Usage Information

This is a PvP oriented macro,
I will prob make a PvE oriented version at some point, however, you can use this for PvE too, with some changes to talents.
I’m running at 30ms, but you can try run it on lower or higher.

Hold Shift + your macro key for kidney shot.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.48.

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Title is misleading as it’s not “the best”. It’s the best for you and it’s not even exported in the proper format.

It’s the best here, i have tried them all in pvp. Wdym wrong format? Just copy the code and import haha

It’s the best macro for you as I guarantee if I try the others I’ll get much different results.

That’s not how the format looks when importing them from GSE.

Examples of proper formatting:

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Wtf? It doesn’t matter if you get different results, the results will not be better than this macro, because it’s not only me who has problems with sub rogue macros other than this. Sub rogue macros are notoriously hard to make right, i have tried 10s of macros and combined information to get this macro working.

Proper format? So it’s hard to just copy and paste? You want to see the whole list of actions? I’ve already told what abilities are being used.

Edit your post so it doesn’t clutter everything or remove your comment completely.


HIya, I’ve tried it at 50ms and 200ms plus just finished a 4 minute world boss fight and slice and dice/rupture never went off. Should I alter something?

I havent tried above 40, if you can’t run at 40, put 1 more each of rupture and snd somewhere in the middle in the macro, but don’t forget to add 2 backstab for each. I will test it out tmrw and see if i can make it better for higher ms!

I first had it going off too much for me, i had 2 of each in the macro. At 40 its perfect with only 1 of each, but i guess there has to be 2 of both if higher.

Thanks for the upload mate cant wait to give this a whirl…you are a god amongst men

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I’ll try it at 40 and report the results. I am playing at a high ping so a higher ms plus adding extra abilities might be the way to go.

Just add 1 more of each of rupture and snd, with 2 backstab behind it so you get the combo points

I’m a regular button masher so not worried about the ms rating

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Haha all good fam, I’m doing my best!

Oh, you might want to get an ahk script for it, so every time you hold in x button it fires at x ms

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Thanks m8 worse case scenario I’ll just blame rngesus lol

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I will try to find the place where i found the ahk script, i’m sure it was on this website! I will link it on all of my posts so people can use the same ahk script :smiley:

Switching to 40ms still didn’t seem like it fired off SnD and rupture so I added those suggestions into the next sequence and they work but only cast for the first time after about 10-15 seconds of combat even though SnD and rupture are the 2nd and 5th skills used in the first sequence. I’ve not comfortable running this as fast as 40ms so I bumped it up to 100ms and it works ok after that initial wait for the those two skills. Appreciate the work.

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This is what I ended up with after 5 mins of testing…slice n dice did fall off but was only a second or 2 so no big deal there at all in the end still enjoyed it and looking forward to using it…went and punched the raiders training dummy for this test

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Yeah at 40ms 1 pair is enough but above 40, 2 pairs is needed haha, i will try today to min Max it

Yeah keep in mind that sub rogues is not good for raiding, compared to its other subclasses. It’s just very good for pvp, however you can still play pve (raid/dungeon) but prob not at highest lvl. Sub rogues has really good dmg in a short window, perfect for short fights in pvp then restealth to regen CD. Sub rogues are not meant to fight for several minutes straight haha!