Help please with a macro for these talents 21321132

I would be thankful if someone could make a macro with these talents 2132132 that works as I have been trying to make one with them on both the old GSE and the new GSE I’m real frustrated with it and have deleted the ones I have tried making so I’m no help to y’all…I would be very thankful for the help
Thanks in advance
Charles Buck
BTW this is for my Frost DK

basically you are wanting a Breath of Sindragosa Macro… there are three already posted… but none of them are a ONE BUTTON Macro… Check out John Mets Page… Check Out Dreadknots Page… Check out my Breath Of Sindragosa… all three will do what you want… just chose the talents needed…depending on how much micromanagement you do will effect the DPS and having proper gear…knowing fights…and legendaries will effect the time of the breath up and such…

Ok… in response to your request you can find the three macros down below…each have a different style but all will work depending on your gear

John Mets BoS Macro: This Macro Does Real Well…(I definitely Recommend his Blood Tanking Macro… Its the best out there in my opinion)

Dreadknots BoS Macro: (His uses a off spam key for Howling Blast… and has a alt key… I don’t particularly care for alt commands… But it does a good job…

And… Finally My Macro… It is a Three Key set Up… But overall another Very Good Macro

Keep in mind they will all do what you seek to do… change the talents to what you are looking for… but over all when you chose the last talent that is what makes the difference between a basic oblit build and a Breath of sindragosa build