How to set viarabile macro?

someone by chance was able to understand or put variables in the macros I do not understand what it is for yet? if by chance you can make an example would be appreciated by all players thank you

How about starting here:

Then look at:

Then look at:

Then lastly look at:


I read and saw but I can’t understand,
in the example you put in variable frost cd what is the equivalent?
and in macro you write frostbolt why?

here is a very simple example to keep you from typing extra stuff

say you want to ensure you are in combat for every line in your macro

you would have a sequence like this
/cast [combat] Cobra Shot
/cast [combat] Barbed Shot
/cast [combat] Bestial Wrath

now instead of writing the word " [combat] " in every single line, you could create a variable called “C”
in the variables tab you would have C=[combat]

then you can save a few keystrokes
/cast ~~c ~~ Cobra Shot
/cast ~~c ~~ Barbed Shot

[Combat] is an overly very simple example

other classes can have a lot more complex conditions (no-channeling, nomod, talent selection…) that would be a pain to repeat on every single line of code.
variables just cleans it up

hope that helps


OK I understand, thank you very much