Izzi mass effect 12/20/2022

OK level 70 evoker macro.
Macro is setup to do AoE with no mod and st on mod:shift.



Usage Information

run at 250

nomod = aoe
mod:shift= Single target
fire storm and deep breath are @cursor so make sure it is where you want them to go off

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.23.

You can download the newest version of the macro here [evoker] or you can find the plugin in your curseforge app. Select get more addons and search either GSE or izzi

To use plugin after it is downloaded, open your GSE addon in game by typing /GSE,
Select Options
Then select plugins
And then click one plugin you want to load.
Close the option window and the macros should be loaded there for you to use by dragging the icon to you action bar.

All future updates will be through the curseforge app.

You can join me at [izzi]on my discord server
And feel free to tip if you like using [paypal] to izzerri@gmail

As always have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let me. I truly enjoy the feedback and suggestions to make the macros better for you and me.

Let me know what you think, this took me many many hours to get to work.
I am open for any suggestions.

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Do you have a YouTube where you preview these just wondering thanks.

no I don’t, is an idea thou

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I’ll try out this micro later today and give you feedback

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Really looking forward to feedback on this, was by far the worse macro I had to write to date.

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Love it so far. will be using this one from here on.

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The AoE rotation works quite good but the single target does nearly nothing on my side. If I want to start a fight using single target it does nothing. I need to start with the AoE rotation, then I can do 1 spell using the single target and it does nothing after that.

I will take A look at it, honestly did not even look at starting ST first, an over sight. Was so focused on getting the timing of those empowered spells down and getting deep breath to work, must have slipped my mind. will try to look at tomorrow and see if I can make sure both are running good. Sorry about that. Hopefully I can fix it easily with out having to spend 5-8 hours tweaking the spells again lol.

OK so I tested the st version I have no issue at all it is working perfectly for me. I wonder if it is the issue others are having with the shift modifier.

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yes izzi im having same issue with shift mod for elfy and your envoker marco it likei need keep pressesing it get to fire anything

but the main macro fires off fine just when i try shift mod it doesnt work

are you using Elvui?

yes siri do use elvui

that issue you are having is caused by the new update from elvui. You can roll back to old version, change the modifier to alt or ctrl, not use elvui until it is fixed.

ok ill try change modifer

the empowered skills dont cast

i use ELVui and dont have any issue with shift on any macro i use for any class. not sure why i dont, just lucky i guess.

they should be casting.

I don’t have the issue either but I have not recently updated my elvui