💤 Lutechi 9.x+ Fire Macro All-in-One

Welcome to my AIO Macro Series, it covers every possible talent combination. Give this smart lazy macro a try and look for my other classes or specs if you enjoy this one.

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Usage Information

Mod:Alt - Instant Pyroblast | Mod:Ctrl - Ring of Frost @ Cursor if Talented | Mod:Shift - Hold for AoE and Meteor @ Cursor if Talented
Focus Magic Talent @ Focus Target
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This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.26.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Pyroblast

Main Sequence: Mirror Image, Scorch, Phoenix Flames, Blazing Barrier, Fireball, Flamestrike, Rune of Power, Dragon’s Breath

KeyRelease: Combustion, Fire Blast


Thank you, With your dedication alot of players with disabilities can play this great game.


Hi, I have an issue when I press alt key it stop casting. and Shift don’t do aoe. Any suggestion why it happen?

Hello Dolmek,

Alt key is working as intended and so is Shift. It should cancel any cast and if you have a pyro proc it will go instantly or it will cancel to throw AoE spells.

However, make sure that you have clear you keybindings in GSE options > Macro Reset > Clear Keybindings button.

Also for the shift AoE spells they are in the sequence block to be non-blocking, as sometimes it might take a fraction of a second for them to go off on the right line.

I suggest to use a weakaura so you can keep track of when you AoE spells are up to be used or Pyro, although pyro is not as hard as it should lit up on your screen already.

Sorry, I did not explained my self correctly, I’m sorry English in not my main language. What i wanted to say is when I have Pyroblast in proc and I press alt it not cast anything.

edit: I checked and shift work perfectly. But alt is not working when it should. I also followed you suggestion to clear the keybindings.

When I press alt and Pyro is on proc, nothing happen.

That’s odd, as Alt and Shift are set up the same way.

I tested the macro earlier and it was working on my end.

I’ll keep looking.

could be that is because I’m on with the laptop?

Love the macro - silly question but how do I remove combustion and pop when I want - I was probably going to switch it to CTRL

just trying to avoid combusting right at end of a trash pack before a boss etc.


/cast [combat,exists] Combustion

To be

/cast [mod:ctrl,combat,exists] Combustion

Make sure that control whatever (such as CTRL R if you’re using R as your button) is not bound to anything, as keybinds will take priority over macros. You can also remove the combat and exists line if you want, since you’ll be using it by hand.

Edit: You’ll also need to remove or change the Ring of Frost line because it’s already set to CTRL (located in KeyPress).

[mod:ctrl,talent:5/3,@cursor] Ring of Frost;
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Gday mate,

Love this macro!

The only thing I am finding with it is that it continues to spam Scorch. Maybe it is my 70ms playback but I will check that later and report back.

Going to do a parse with and without the stopcasting line. Kind feels like I’m wasting a cast with that; what are your thoughts?

Despite this, thanks so much for the effort. Works well.


I found the problem!

Wasn’t my ms in the end, it was a type that somehow happened on my end with fireball only having one L in it haha… therefore the macro was like nah mate, that’s not somethin eh, and then moving on.

Cheers again!

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Mine scorch’s alot too - what did you change? It doesn’t only scorch but more than it should for ST viability.

I find I do super well for AE - i went firestorm but ST i’m way behind.

Thank you! I wasn’t scrolling down far enough to see key release - got it! Just binded combustion to mwheel for own use to keep CTRL the same :slight_smile:

Increasing the ms did help with excessive Scorching. I seem to have even fireball and scorch now which is pretty decent as I seem to move a lot in dungeons and PvP. I’m just using the Icy-Veins website talents with incanters flow for pvp (I mean, when do we really get to sit on a sigil during a bg? XD)

Goint to try this combustion change as I am forever popping combustion before a boss so my opener on a boss is very underwhelming

Hi Guys

Call me stupid but this Mod: alt etc has got me getting extremely angry, I fire the macro off as normally, that works perfectly, no hang-ups etc etc press and hold shift or press alt or ctrl and nothing happens, I’ve knocked the game back to basics and only have the GSE addon running, I’ve taken all key bindings off i.e. the ctrl v shift f11 etc etc, I’ve turned off all the ctrl and shift options in the interface menu, even turned off the one in GeForce experience and still nothing …. I’ve read, read and read some more but now I’m at the end of my tether with it …. can anyone help or advise

Hello Vxr,

Did you do the GSE Options > Macro Reset > Clear Keybindings Button already?

Make sure you are out of combat and hit it a couple of times and that should be it.

Outside of that if it does not work then something else is preventing to work correctly.

Did you try to do it manually to hold the modifier and push the macro by hand? Heard some people had issues with software before.

Some of these might sound basic or dumb but just trying to know what you have done so far and it helps to troubleshoot.

Hi Lutechi

Yes my friend, I did clear key binding in gse, I’ve literally got no addons running, looked for everything that would use Ctrl alt or shift and turned it off.

So I’m going to kindly ask you to treat me like someone that has never heard of a macro before and run me through step by step how to use the macro from the opening spell to the finishing spell and the use of these mod:alt etc etc, if you be so kind

what i did for the scorch spam is swap the scorch and fireball lines in the macro


Ok, no problem.

Basically, the mods are only there for when you receive the pyro proc or AoE spells are available. Gotta keep smashing the button while holding the modifier so it cycles through the different AoE spells.

I recommend putting those spells in the bar just to keep track of them or a weakauras would be even better.

How the modifier works is that it will attempt to cancel anything that is casting so it can throw the instant pyro or any of the AoE spells depending the modifier.

Another useful tool to keep track of what is casting is using Details meters add-on with the tracker plugin enabled.

As last resort, backup the WTF and do a test by deleting the config or the whole WTF folder to test if something was corrupted. I think there is also a reset to all Keybindings in the normal wow Keybindings section and then clear them again with GSE.

Very odd, hopefully you can find a way.

Ok ty, I’ll give that a try in a bit and get back to you …
I know it’s probably straightforward for most but it’s been driving me crazy for months so had to ask :joy: