💤 Lutechi 9.x+ Guardian Macro All-in-One

Welcome to my AIO Macro Series, it covers every possible talent combination. Give this smart lazy macro a try and look for my other classes or specs if you enjoy this one.

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Usage Information

Mod:Alt - Frenzy Regen for heal | Mod:Ctrl - Survival Instincts | Mod: Shift - Berserk or Incarnation if Talented

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This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.01-beta5-shadowlands.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Bear Form, Berserk, Survival Instincts, Frenzied Regeneration

Main Sequence: Swipe, Bristling Fur, Maul, Ironfur, Thrash, Incapacitating Roar, Pulverize, Barkskin, Mangle

KeyRelease: Moonfire, Wild Charge


what are the talents?

Talents are located in GSE macro.

yes but in this macro they are not

I didn’t as it is an All-in-One, meaning it can work with any talents. Choose whichever you think is best for your build.

You do have Wild Charge and Pulverize on the tabs - those are talents, Lutechi :slight_smile:

oh I see in the code you have set in modifiers for if the talent is selected versus if it is not

I just managed to import it

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Oh yeah. It’s an AIO so whatever you SIM at or whatever guide you choose to pick from Lutechi incorporated everything.

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So I’ve been playing WoW on my Druid off and on since Vanilla, I just came back for the tail end of BFA.

After spending an inordinate amount of time trying to remember how to draft some simple cast sequence macros I turned to the interwebs and found this place (and GSE) and I’m fairly fascinated. As a guy without a coding background, I admit using these macros is a bit intimidating. I am hoping you can indulge me with a few questions:

  1. My goal is a bit simpler than the all-in-one macro you posted. I would like to be able to manually elect to spend rage on Maul/Ironfur/Frenzied Regen but what I would like is a Macro to manage the builder part of the rotation (Mangle/Thrash/Swipe/Moonfire). Is there a way for me to cut down the all-in-one macro to do that?

  2. My second question (and I may be able to figure this out on my own) is about building simple macros with cooldown abilities. This mostly relates to balance so apologies if I should post it there, but what I want to do is something like:
    First Push - Fury of Elune
    Second Push - StarFall - and then keep the button as StarFall while Fury is on cooldown (60 seconds)
    reset the Macro so that once Fury is off cooldown it goes back to Fury then repeat.

I read the post saying GSE doesn’t do this (reset only counts from when you DON’T push the button, so a castsequence reset=60 won’t work. Is there a way to do this in GSE though?

Thanks in advance.



Question: Moonfire is refreshing every 5-6 seconds at 100ms, is this normal or should I remove it and manually refresh? I am NOT talented for Galactic Guardian.

edit: sometimes it spams moonfire 3-4 times in a row

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Try what you mentioned or add it automatically to the macro in a different way and report back.

Thanks for testing it. Make it your own of course and share if you can make it better :wink:

Here is my suggestion for an additional version of the macro.
I have already adapted it for me because a one click macro can never time coolowns like barkskin etc. correctly.


  1. moon fire cast on each new target only once.
  2. moon fire removed from the rest of the macro.
  3. moonfire set on a modifier to be able to renew at bosses.
  4. removed any colldowns (barkskin…) from the macro and set them to modifier or extra keys.

Currently I play a bit with the ms to get the best result.

Maybe we can get better uptime from ironfur. But i m working on it actually.

Can you share your macros ?

i use Ctrl, it doesn’t work, doesn’t do anything. i use Shift, chang to human status, i don’t know why. CN server.

Hi Tom,

Clear your keybindings before you can use them.

Go to GSE Options > Macro Reset > Click Clear Keybindings top button.

I’ve never been able to get modifiers to work until you posted the suggestion to clear those keybindings.

Worked perfect and I’m finally able to use the mods. Now, I only have to remember what key does which mod! :wink:

Thanks for your macro and your suggestion!

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Would this macro work in a PvP scenario? I like to use bear in PvP (I know, weird) I’ve noticed that the macro is not using trash as often as it should or as often it’s available… Is this the expected behavior?

Which specific spells/attacks is the macro not using? I noticed is ignoring Maul completely

This is happening to me as well… Not sure if I’m pressing to fast my kyboard or too slow xD

Did you happened to fix it?

I have a logitech g102 mouse, how should I make this work
I have never used a key press down and release macro I think
I triednormal toggle macro with 100 ms it seems like working but it uses so many moonfires

Hi. Your brilliant macro its stopped working for me, any ideas? Thanks