Lutechi's Fire Macro (Works With Any Talents)

Since He’s living up to his name as the Lazy Guy, I’ll be nice and post it here for him. All credits go to Lutechi, this is his macro and I only swapped out the modifiers. I am taking ZERO credit for any of this.

Thanks WoWJunkies for posting it before I could :slight_smile:

I started with a base of John Metz, but I felt like it changed a lot since due to me importing side macros to make them true instant cast and adding inner loops, etc.

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Read usage information below for more details. Talents: 3113133 (Updated to work with any talents if you wish).


Usage Information
This is the main macro, use ALT modifier for instant Pyro or hold SHIFT for instant Dragon’s Breath / Blast Wave / Flamestrike / Meteor on mouseover. Shield uptime can be changed by controlling the inner loop limit. Use CTRL modifier for Heart Essence (was the only way to make it work for the channeling). ***Macro is now agnostic (it works with any talents), but I prefer the combination provided in the talents box.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.5.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Blazing Barrier

KeyPress: Heart Essence

Main Sequence: Phoenix Flames, Scorch, Living Bomb, Fire Blast

KeyRelease: Combustion, Fireball

Post Macro: Blazing Barrier

Pyro Instant Cast Macro:


Usage Information
This is a modifier imported into LUTECHI_FIRE_8.3

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.5.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Pyroblast

KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.

AoE Macro:


Usage Information
This is a modifier imported into LUTECHI_FIRE_8.3

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.5.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Flamestrike, Meteor, Dragon’s Breath

KeyRelease: Dragon’s Breath

Post Macro: Dragon’s Breath


Now I know how to get you to post more, just post it before you do lol

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Updated the macro to be agnostic, so it works no matter what talents you put. I have a preference for the talents labeled, but if for some reason you want to use a different one still works.

Greater Pyroblast is in there for those that would like to use, but is too slow to my taste.

Hey Lutechi, thank you for sharing this macro ! I can’t provide any feedback, since I just started my mage again, but I noticed that using the main macro (lutecis fire 8.3) with the alt modifier & enabled GSE option to prevent sound errors the wow sound will turn /and stay off.
Is this a normal behavior ?
Ps. the alt modifier / spell is working fine
PPS Is there a way to cast a spell only once ? The line “/castsequence spell, null” will work only once. But i want to use this for procs, like flurry.

Thanks in advance,


Hello @nobody,

The sound it’s an easy fix, just follow Tim’s instructions:
GSE Pause / Wait: Stop Wasting Multi Charges Abilities

If the other modifiers are not working, you have to unbind the keys for that either manually in WoW or I think there is an option within GSE options you can choose to do that for you also.

Regarding null, not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish. If I think what you are trying to accomplish, can try a cast sequence null with a reset attached to it for X amount of seconds. That way it will only work once and after X amount of seconds of not using that macro it will become available again for use?

Let me know if that helps or I can help you live tonight around 10pm EST Live on Twitch.

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Thanks mate!
I am not sure if i understand Timothy´s answer:
“the best idea is to turn off error sounds and disable the option in GSE If you are planning to chain macros”
If i turn off the GSE option “Prevent Sound Error” i will have error sounds. How i am supposed to turn them off ?
Relating to the macro reset, your tip did the trick :slight_smile:
“/castsequence reset=3 Flurry, Ice Lance, Null” works fine.

I think he was referring to this option in the screenshot.

gse sound screenshot

i was wondering if you (or anybody) are running this at a certain MS? if so, what do you use or recommend?

@Siodar I personally run this macro as fast as my melee ones, so 35ms (same as my ingame ms) and it works great for me. Some other caster macros I have to use a slower ms, but this one works great fast.

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thank you so much @Liwu . i wanted the best i can and felt i should ask or i would always wonder. lol

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I’ll test this tonight and give you some feedback

tried it, cant get higher then 16 k on dummy with 457 ilvl.

Might be the traits im missing, only 1 piece thats good.

Good thing is the G pyro part, have it to mouse up and never miss a proc.

Fire mage is hard to macro, seems like none of the macro’s i can
find provide decent dps.

In a mythic 10 for example, i get doubled if not tripled on bosses, and
on overal dmg in the whole dungeon at least doubled.

And thats fully enchanted, gemd, max food and flask. And no output.

this has been my problem with it as well. I’m only at about 30-35k dps with 363 gear on and a good amount of bis pieces. I dont know what I’m doing wrong

Hey guys,

I should have put that I mostly pvp/casual on this character, so it was never optimized for Mythics or Raids.

I did do some Mythics and AoE is awesome, but single target not that much and I don’t have any good azerites either.

But like you guys say, Fire is kinda IF/THEN so it is not as easy compared to other classes I think.

Hi lutechi, I just came back to the game recently for a while off Ive been using this firemage macro of your and works great. I am wondering do you have an opener macro for cumbustion with Lucid dream or what would be the best way to go around this. I have 3 blastermaster my gear is 465 struggle to keep up with out mages at my item level. keep in mind lm very limited with my left hand and thats why I use these macros.
Thank you and all the others that take the time do design these macro and still gives people like myself to still enjoy playing WOW.

Well, this is the only macro I have used that will get me above 25K dps on the dummy with 450ilvl. It does steady 35K dps not having the correct gear, azerite traits, etc etc. I will start farming all the right stuff and right stats and I will report back.

I agree just think with a starter macro for the combustion working with bracers and Memory of Lucid this would do some serious damage

I think a good way to optimize this for mythics/raiding is to take out your big cooldowns (like combustion) and putting it into a modifier key, for use at those moment where they matter and not just randomly when theres 2 mobs left in a pack, I think thats what’s causing me to loose A LOT of dps on a run

a little update (For those who care) on my attempt at making this better for pve. I’ve put major cooldowns into a CTRL modifier (So it pops heart ess + combustion) and I make sure to pop those after manually doing azhara trinket + rune of power. I have also put workshop bracers into the rotation right after fire blast and it seems like its working, at least a little better, than it was before. I’m doing about 40k on dummies (I did 32-34k before) and 150-160k on bursts (120-130k before) cause I can manage the bursts way more

could you share the code would like to try it/

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