Scarylarygames macros

Where did all of Scarylarrygame’ macros go?! Am I completely missing his consolidated list?

He threw a fit and peaced out.
Unfortunate because his macros were all top notch, but there are definitely other macros around here that are very well put together

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Oh man, that sucks. Did anyone save them? Any chance they were backed up or something?

he has deleted them all and anybody trying to post them gets the message deleted. you gonna have to try one of the other amazing creators macros.

Or … write one yourself


why would i even post here if i could do that m8 lol

edit: I AM NOOB

It’s not hard just time consuming:
HERE you go.

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Everyone is a noob. No one started knowing how to do this. And everyone started with the same tools and capabilities that you have. It’s called trying stuff.

Look you get any macro from here and it will do 50% of what it’s capabable of. If you want the rest YOU have to edit and test things and try them and break them and fix it and learn what you are doing. Otherwise you may as well just roll your face over the keyboard as it will be more effective than just getting a macro and hoping for the best.

But then I remembered where I am. Just grab a macro and do a quarter of your dps - it will be fine.

This is the common pattern I see:

  • noob grabs macro
  • installs macro
  • uses for 5 seconds
  • complains to macro author how it doesn’t work.
  • with sense of entitlement badgers author to break working macro because they have chosen some random talent and expects the author to cater for their every whim.

What should happen is this

  • noob grabs macro
  • installs macro
  • sims character to know what they should be getting close to
  • tests macro and finds it’s running at 50% of that sims
  • tweaks the speed of macro and adjusts filler spells because THE PLAYER (YOU) have a clue about how to play your class and know what your macro reasonably should be doing
  • player uses in mythical and raids and gets gea
  • retests macro as get gear and continue to make adjustments for to make the macro work FOR YOU THE PLAYER
  • player thanks author for the starting point

Lol my g/f writes code for a living this shit aint easy every time i try tweaking a macro i break it and she fixes it not all of us are smart enough to write this stuff


But if you need your car fixed im your man

the fact is that addon is not so simple to use and many people like me with the new gs3 found themselves not knowing how to use it, as you do not understand the new mechanics and how they work.
you should put a guide without being too mathematical and explain well how why and how it works to be able to create macros to your liking and this is not the case. besides, many like me are not English speakers and have even more difficulty creating macros and understanding how they work. the basic thing would be to create macros ok and you expect it to execute what you write instead there are too many variables and it often does things you don’t want.
practical example class hunter bm which has a very simple rotation.
writing the 3 spells in the cross that has either jump or do not start etc. etc. so it’s not like we’re all born learned. you have to understand the problems of the players. as well as the fateful ms that still today do not understand how to set them. if I could I would do a guide myself, but being Italian I already have difficulties with the language and I don’t understand well how the new gs3 works.


Literally every new software/game/addon that is used for the first time requires the user to spend some time to learn how to use it.

Forget about GSE2 (it is now obsolete, it’s a dead project). GSE3 is the version that we now have to use. Yes it is different but it allows more flexibility and it got rid of some limitations that GSE2 had.

There’s always a learning-curve and GSE3 is no different, it requires you to test it (again and again, until you get confident enough to be able to create your own working/efficient macros).

If something is bugged in GSE3, report it. If there’s something you don’t know, just ask.

I agree. The Wiki would need to be enhanced, completed, filled with examples, documentation, basic macros, etc.

But, you have to remember: Tim is the only one working on this. No one else.

People fail to realize that maybe he would like to play the game as well? Mind you tuning and creating his own macros? Guild duties? Raid?, and all other aspects of WoW? Public and private life outside of WoW? PLUS, working on GSE? Troubleshooting, testing, etc.
(And this goes for all other macro creators, too. Especially the ones that create macros for different classes/specs: Elfyau, Bam, John Metz, and others.)

You can notice that (in my previous comment, nor anywhere else btw), I have never asked Timothy to work on the wiki (nor on any other feature) “right now” (nor anytime soon).

I’ve just pointed out something that -IMHO- also needs some love (to help new GSE3 users understand how it works).

I have nothing but full respect for Timothy and all what he did on GSE3 (I have been following its development since the first beta versions). And of course, real life comes first, it goes without saying.

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i understand. i am not complaining about anything, i just asked where they went as they worked well for me in the past.

edit: and since my question was answered feel free to lock topic