Shadow Priest > 7.1 > *NO ADDONS REQUIRED*

This is the same set of macros from 7.0.3, only they have been updated to work in 7.1.

Also, they allow for the seemless integration of Surrender to Madness (S2M) - if you dare try to use this talent!

Click here for Quick Setup guide.

** GS:E Macros Here **


  1. Twist of Fate OR Fortress of the Mind
  2. ** YOUR CHOICE! **
  3. Psychic Voice OR Dominant Mind
  4. ** YOUR CHOICE! **
  5. ** YOUR CHOICE! **
  6. Power Infusion or Mindbender
  7. Legacy of the Void or Surrender to Madness



  • Action Bar 1 / Buttons 1 & 2:
    #show Mind Blast
    /cast [form:0] Shadowform
    /cast Mind Blast
    /swapactionbar [nomod,combat] 1 2; [mod:ctrl] 1 4; [mod:alt] 1 5
  • Action Bar 2 / Buttons 1 & 2:
    #show Shadow Word: Death
    /cast [combat] Shadow Word: Death
    /swapactionbar [nocombat] 2 1; [nomod,combat] 2 3; [mod:ctrl] 2 4; [mod:alt] 2 5
  • Action Bar 3 / Button 1:
    #show Mind Flay
    /cast [combat,nochanneling] Mind Flay
    /swapactionbar [nomod] 3 1; [mod:ctrl] 3 4; [mod:alt] 3 5
  • Action Bar 3 / Button 2:
    #show Mind Sear
    /cast [combat,nochanneling] Mind Sear
    /swapactionbar [nomod] 3 1; [mod:ctrl] 3 4; [mod:alt] 3 5
  • Action Bar 4 / Buttons 1 & 2:
    #show Shadow Word: Pain
    /castsequence reset=target/5 Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch
    /swapactionbar [nomod] 4 1; [mod:alt] 4 5
  • Action Bar 5 / Buttons 1 & 2:
    #show Void Bolt
    /cast [combat] Void Eruption
    /swapactionbar [nomod] 5 1; [mod:ctrl] 5 4; [mod:alt] 5 6
  • Action Bar 6 / Buttons 1 & 2:
    #show Shadowfiend
    /cast [combat] Shadowfiend
    /swapactionbar [nomod] 6 1; [mod:ctrl] 6 4; [mod:alt] 6 5


  • Any bar/button combo:
    #show Shadow Mend
    /castsequence Shadow Mend
    /cast Vampiric Embrace
    /cast Power Word: Shield


  • Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch can be cast by pressing the CTRL key modifier while spamming your rotation.
  • Void Eruption / Void Bolt and Shadowfiend / Mindbender can be cast by pressing the ALT key modifier while spamming your rotation.
  • Void Torrent still needs to be cast manually (due to clipping issues).
  • S2M needs to be cast manually also, as it makes no sense adding a spell with a 10 minute cooldown to our rotation.
  • Dispersion and Power Infusion need to be cast manually now too. Using these spells at the right time during the later stages of Voidform + S2M (90+ stacks) helps us reach the 'oh so sweet' 100 stack maximum - pushing killer damage!


WEAKAURAS2 (Version:

Weakauras2 Screenshot (Shadow Priest)

so I get cool downs not being in the macro but why the command to used void eruption/ void bolt? There never seems to be a reason to hold them and maybe because I use my naga mouse to spam for me but sometimes holding although or cntl locks the macro up for me.

Personal preference I suppose? - I prefer to quickly tap the ALT key modifier to cast those spells. Having said that though, Naga Mouse OR ALT Key Modifier, do whatever works best for you. :slight_smile:

This should only happen if you are HOLDING it down for an extended period. Releasing the key should allow the swapactionbar function to move to ActionBar1 and continue through the ‘un-modified’ rotation.

I hope this helps answer your questions. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Really enjoy your macros and they work really well. Able to enjoy the class and spec a lot more with this as I am more of a casual player. Hands down great job.

Thanks for the kind words Rick. Glad you like. :slight_smile:


What kind of DPS numbers are you seeing on single target and what is you ilvl?

Test Run #1:

  • Talents: 2221231 (Legacy of the Void)
  • iLevel: 855
  • Artifact Weapon: Rank 27 (2 of 3)
  • Target: Bound Void Walker (Class Order Hall)
  • DPS: 250K

Test Run #2:

  • Talents: 2223213 (Surrender to Madness)
  • iLevel: 855
  • Artifact Weapon: Rank 27 (2 of 3)
  • Target(s): Bound Void Walker + Bound Void Wraith x2 (Class Order Hall)
  • DPS: 998K (reaching 100 stacks of Voidform)

NOTE: Due to the flexibilty of this macro, one could potentially get more or less DPS depending on how they choose to mix and match their talents.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

which UI should use, it does not work well with
Elv UI there is something wrong with the Action Bar. I have tested Lui Ui but where I just get error messages Spartan UI does not work.


I use LUI v3 (the cool looking interface you see in my videos) with Bartender4 (the addon that handles my actionbars) - and they work quite well together.

To handle errors, I use !BugGrabber and BugSack.

When I posted this set of macros in 7.0.3, someone mentioned a possible solution to the ElvUI problem:

[quote quote=34688]I don’t know why ElvUI changes the actionbar numbers, but I figured for anybody with the same issue here what worked for me:
/swapactionbar 1 2 does not work
/swapactionbar 1 3 swaps to Bar 5
/swapactionbar 1 4 swaps to Bar 4
/swapactionbar 1 5 swaps to Bar 2
/swapactionbar 1 6 swaps to Bar 3

I personally think that this is a unnecessary change on part of ElvUI.[/quote]

As for Spartan UI, I have never tried that interface.

I would suggest using Blizzard’s Default Interface, OR LUI v3 with Bartender4, as I can verify that these macros work in both.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


dots not firing with modifier

Possible Fix(es):

  • Follow the step-by-step in the Quick Setup Guide (this will eliminate it being an addon problem).
  • Delete ALL Key Bindings that use either CTRL or ALT.

If after trying these possible fixes you are still having issues, it is possible that your Operating System (OS) is causing interference.

For example: I spam the Single Target portion of this macro using the 1 Key on my Numpad. Windows 10 does NOT allow me to use the Shift + Numpad1 combination, which is why I use the CTRL key instead.

Lastly, you may want to open a ticket with Blizzard; they are quite helpful at troubleshooting modifier issues.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

P.S. - If you find a solution to your problem, please post the fix in this thread.

Hey Seth, macro looks really cool and with practice it seems that it can be utilized to pull some serious DPS. By any chance, would you be able to gives us your addons (meaning zip up your addon and wtf folder with the account name and character name in those folders changed to a generic name). Your UI looks really clean and I like that your bars dont go jumping back and forth when using the macro and modifiers.

hi there, I think I’m doing something wrong with placing the macros. ive read the quick guide setup but something still not right, when I place on the action bars it just seems to scroll through each one not attacking, do u know what it might be? I don’t suppose you could make a video showing me how to set it up. would be greatly appreciated. thanks

I thought the whole point of a macro ( A LAZY macro) was to smash one button and not know how to play a toon.

This seems like you have to know how to play your toon and alot of work.

So if you know how to play your toon why use this macro ?

The zip file can be downloaded from


  1. Rename your Interface and WTF folders (i.e. Interface.old, WTF.old).
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to your World of Warcraft folder.
  3. Open the WTF folder and find and rename the following three folders:
  4. Open WoW, and load the ** SETHADON ** profile for the following addons:
    • Bartender4
    • Decursive
    • LUI
    • Macro Toolkit
    • Masque
    • Moveanything
    • Recount
    • Skada
  • This addon pack comes with all the addons I use, all the macros listed in the original post, all the WeakAuras2 notifications, and all the Key Binding settings (pre-configured).
  • You may have to adjust the position of your Skada and Recount frames depending on your display settings.

I haven’t heard of this problem before. But in case it has something to do with the modifier keys, this video explains how to fire each spell.

Additionally, may I suggest using my addon pack? It comes with all the addons I use, all the macros listed in the original post, all the WeakAuras2 notifications, and all the Key Binding settings (pre-configured). This post has more details.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

You are correct…

Many one-button “lazy macros” get you up and running, and you don’t need to know a thing about your character. However, rarely do those macros make you competitive in Raids or Dungeons.

This set of macros allows you to spam one button also, but gives you better control over your Damage Over Time (DOT) and Cooldown (CD) spells, allowing you to compete at higher levels.

This macro is NOT intended for those who “know how to play their toon”. As I assume that those players would never look for a one-button solution.

This macro merely provides a flexible one-button solution that can utilize multiple play-styles (various talent selections) and a rotation that is consistent and doesn’t lock up.

Quote: “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game!” - Unknown

Cheers! :wink:

I used the seathaddon profile with Bartender but for some reason When I press 1 it only casts ShadowB1B1/2 it does swap to the next bar but does not cast the spell. I stacked the 6 bars on top of each other using bartender on the Sethaddon profile but for some reason I cant get it to press 1 on Bar 2. Any help is appreciated.