Shanus's Aff 8.2

ilvl 360 not using AHK just spamming with my mouse scroll wheel.
its been a while since i posted something so i figured id share.

Main Spam Macro

d4J9daWBr9skq7IOqBtL61uOUlf15HunBICAKCtiLFPW3GO3kK2Pe7fSBjTFuddr)LOKghchwvdLIyWKgUk5GuK(erLoMGJtbSqIs1sjkLftuILROhsuWtvAzs16OGMOuutfsMSky6uDzO(Su4zI46I0gLISvIQAZiLTtuLpsuKzjLMMq57cvgjrfpMsJwf65eoPqv3sfDnKQ7ruuRKc5CcXTHWqaqbLaSM2utlkIBO0buWkhS0Lev1yyHf1lHRUa2K2qBOT32B7TDyLdw6cwtPrtIY6u5kRSrSEY6jRNSUhPO5SIw(afnk8KvA5jRBkce5kRn)tJzvMK(jMnI1twpz9K1coow9F2a7cwPCwJJssI1j2(cNvtBKRO3YQmKNZ0lNkxzJy9K1twpzDtrGixLRG14rCXkfnwBmZPx4dSrSEY6jRNSUPiqKRYvWQ8ZuhI7LmgpzLIgRBwkdBZyAFQKdLaSMM6hZtyrfhLBpkJU8KvXXVMkiUHDVW24Bgk9B6WI2BNz5JNcQCvaOGsaqbLaSd7lCwtidKeqPd7W(cN1Ee6jitGscSd7lCwJ6VeU6gggjMzTFhlqEdLyWoSVWznQ)s4QBySr3mRDs6bKrGcDyh2x4Sg1FjC1n8E0nZAmIarak3WoSVWzTN0VrscfKWoSVWfydKIRwmR9K(nsYwwJqq2YAazhwdIrx2Ws4xGbuqja7W(cN1yebIau6WoSVWzTtspGmcusGDyFHZAczGKaCyxhF1uA16u5kSMmPYtkhDynigDtMyHaqbLaSd7lCwJwZxyVL1gZC6LzwVjiGsh2H9foRrR5lS3YAn3yMtVmZ6DeKqjb2H)ZgyhxXiqN1O18XFIWC0d4)GzOed2H9fUaBGuC1IzL1jwGDz2)zdSpSzeYY7SYAazVL1ieKTSwtLKGcDyh2x4Sgfr(GHIJu0CZS2jPhiiHYnSJlS)U)wJbhwtMy0E7mdOGsa2H9foRXicebO0HDyFHZANKEazeOKa7W(cN1eYajb4WAsw4O92zgqbLaSd7lCwJreicqPd7W(cN1oj9aYiqjb2H9foRjKbscWbhCyr7RPVu8vhpLhU6u5ki7GdoaaUsage Information

      • Shift Modifier for Summon Dark Glare
      • New targets it will recast Agony, Corruption
      • Summon’s Imp if grouped
      • Summon’s Voidwalker if Solo

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.07.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Phantom Singularity, Unstable Affliction, Haunt

KeyPress: Summon Darkglare, Corruption, Summon Voidwalker, Agony, Summon Imp

Main Sequence: Corruption, Shadow Bolt, Agony, Unstable Affliction, Concentrated Flame, Phantom Singularity, Haunt, Deathbolt

KeyRelease: Phantom Singularity, Unstable Affliction, Haunt

Post Macro: Phantom Singularity, Unstable Affliction, Haunt


Talents 3112222

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.07.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Agony, Corruption

Main Sequence: Summon Darkglare, Shadow Bolt, Corruption, Haunt, Seed of Corruption, Phantom Singularity, Agony, Deathbolt

affliction macros are kinda easy and difficult at the same time. its all about timing with them im still working on both of these macros but this is what ive come up with so far.

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Very interested in this bored with destro

Yeah I will try this tomorrow, must slepp now :slight_smile:

I like the Macro. I have one question. How do you Keybind your mouse wheel? It says Can’t bind mousewheel to actions with up and down states?

i just went to keybinds and clicked on the action bar menu then clicked on action 11 and 12 then scrolled my wheel when ur prompted to set it

testing it right now :smiley:

Curious to know how this holds up in pvp as well…still no aoe version yet though

trying to get it done it was getting stuck on a couple actions but no worries ill have it by tonight

is the macro working for everyone?

Yes no glitches so far my damage is only about 10k at peak but my ilvl is only 350 so just think it’s a gwar thing on my end

affliction is haste and crit heavy so u will need a lot of it to get good results


Should this /cast Incinerate not be /cast Shadow Bolt ?


OP Updated sorry that was a typo i was doing my destro macros and i think i accidently saved it on it so i fixed it

Best macro i ever used for my Affli!!!
Could u pls make a Destro and a Demomacro too pls? I would love it.

running around doing world quest i been getting 18-22k dps. I was able to solo all the rares in Darkshore. ill check how it does in world PVP. 390 my iteam level.

ill do my best to make them for you guys and gals, ive been trying to catch up to everyone in gear and questing and mechagon dungeon

Destro made today Shanus's Destro 8.2 heres the link
Demo coming soon

Im have problems with agony and corruption re-doting, it seems to skip them most of the time and only go back to them every now and again. You would know how to have them refresh before they fall off?

i would need to take a look at it and probably have to re write part of the rotation ive been meaning to get around to it but i will update the OGP soon as i can ive been busy getting ready for a vacation.

How’s affliction stacking up against destro? I’ve been destro since vanilla but I always enjoy messing around with affliction and demo from time to time.

am I supposed to just spam the button or?