[Share Your Story] How WoW Lazy Macros or GSE has helped you or someone else?

This site has made it possible for me to play the one game that i truly love. I had a stroke in 2021 and lost control of the entire left side of my body. I had to re learn how to do everything in life & in game. Lazy macros made it so i could still have enjoyable game time and continue to stay current in game. Thank You All !


I am a disabled vet and have hand mobility issues.

Gaming is a great hobby of mine and GSE allows me to play at a level in games I could not do without it.

Thank you so much for a great program.


That’s just how i feel bro, now i’m able to fully appreciate the game without having to worry bout pressing all of the 100 keys

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Back in 2011 I was diagnosed with MS. I lost total function in my left hand for about 4–5 months. At the time I played primarily with a Razer Naga so I could move and use abilities with one hand. After I found GSE my life in WoW was changed forever. Finally there was a way for me to achieve high dps/hps ratings in WoW! Since recovering the use of my left hand I have continued and will continue to use GSE forever. #bestaddonever <3


Long time lurker here. I have Cerebral Palsy (Handicap affecting fine motor skills, acquired from birth), and WLM has helped me IMMENSELY by reducing and effecively COMPLETELY GETTING RID OF the strain on my hands and fingers. Now I do not have to move my hands at all (except for movement and hitting modifiers) and can just press and hold ONE BUTTON!


In my personal experience GSE and Wowlazymacros helped me a lot, my disability is im very monofocal, i can concentrate myself in 3 or 4 things at the time and usually doing complex rotations and be alert for mechanics was a chaos for me since the wow skill rotations get more complicated (more than 5 buttons), so GSE helped me a lot to solve this issue because i can use my knowledge, patience and intelect to complement the thing i miss.

So thanks a lot to Timothy and all the people that helped to make GSE and this site <3


It’s been a while since I remember how I found Wowlazymacros.com. But, one thing I remember exactly how I got to know Wowlazymacros.com. It was a random number of days that I spent time looking macro on Google because I started playing WoW as a Clicker. It’s humiliating that I always get pwned in Battlegrounds and PVP. I started to do some research and see why or how people manage to do more damage while they can still move around avoiding the dungeon mechanic without getting killed. I came across a “Macro Toolkit” and the name Beefwellington. So I started visiting the site since then. I talked to Beefwellington a lot and learned to write macros from him. That’s how I started GSE.


Am a disabled vet diagnosed with PTSD. One button, one action is too intense for me in raids and mythic+. Been playing since day 1 of vanilla, and when I was younger could cope well with the WoW macro system. I am older now- probably one of the older people still playing- and the WoW macro system just doesn’t work for me anymore, as my anxiety goes through the roof and triggers episodes. Don’t want or need to go into details on my symptomology- but will say it isn’t pleasant. GSE and Gau Panda’s BM Macro has changed my life. I can now participate in high level keys and it’s fun instead of causing anxiety. Still learning how to optimize GSE with Razer Synapse because- like I said- I’m an older guy and pretty much computer illiterate, but will get there. Finding this website was a Godsend, and I just want to thank the website hosts and all those who spend their precious time making macros to help people like me. Now someone just needs to make a YouTube video of how to optimize GSE with Razer Synapse for ‘dummies’ like me and life would be even better in the WoW universe. Wish I would have paid attention in my computer class in college instead of partying and skipping classes :slight_smile:


I have nerve damage in both hands, arms, and shoulders. If not for WoW Lazy Macros I could not continue playing WoW. Thank you!


Using a macro isn’t cheating, and TimothyLuke created one of the best accessibility tools I’ve ever seen in gaming! So thank you @TimothyLuke!

Personally, I’m fortunate to not have any disabilities myself. However, I was told about the addon many years ago by a friend who had. I set myself a goal to make some macros for him. Over the years it became an obsession for me, and I’ve spent hours in front of target dummies working out perfect rotations :joy:.

I’ve also been told it’s ‘cheating’, but it’s only ever by players who I out DPS with my one button baby! There’s also no reason you can’t partake in any content and it’s awesome that people who would otherwise not be able to play, can continue to enjoy World of Warcraft!

I have played WoW for roughly 16 years straight. This macro/addon/community has helped me the last 5 years be able to keep up with all my alts and be able to damage/tank with them all decently. My mains have been top 200 toons and even this season top20 on my evoker and even with being able to play at very high level, i still utilize GSE for my alts. this has helped me increase my enjoyment of the game when i have limited time. tyvm for the contributors and dev team for keeping this safe and going :smiley: 10/10

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