Disc priest by Urzulus

Version 1.3

  • minor tweeking
  • talent change

Version 1.2

  • minor tweeking
  • added a versin (2) for soloing. No point using raid heals alone.

Version 1.1 (release)

Goal: Provide high Disc DPS output and moderate healing.

Explanation: A sequence of DPS abilities are used in priority, with basic multi target healing. Focus is maintained on a target for priority.

Reason: Disc priests are not the best healers, they are strong single target healers. Which is pretty useless in a raid (5 mans are doable though). This build does not try to be the best healer ever, if you want that go and switch spec or classes. You cant heal stupidity or undergearing, as such the spread heal is light.

I have the spell on two repeat macro button (- and =) with PWS and PWR on the CTRL modifiers. I execute the macro and push CTRL to use PWS/PWR as required.

I have included my wow plain macro here as well. It is mouseover macro, just mouseover the raid frame and it will apply to them.

d8Z(caGoaQwpH0lju2fLQ2gaLdJyMaIht0SvY5bXnbIFrWTPIonf7KkTxODlSFfVMkyyucJJk05OumujQbl1WbPdsPYLjDmu54ukTqG0sbiwmG0YPQhsj6PQSmG65inrjXurvtwsnDrFJsQRcq6zsKRdQncGSvaWMrbBNsYBrjZssAAOOVtigjkKpRugTegpkuNeqDlcvxtP6Eaq3fL63Q6VaOg5qE0LdVkaFwcW2XZBNLIHUGrE8yKUGUmHd4vKjukGliiYlYIikeNeP)P2lFNcm8EyNuH8HAKc1gQuCOEJstXbkeXH9IcVGPc4XtwAKu844kbMJJdpqis)daQNA(GI8OlhYJUC4jij0KQ2cRHuNMv8Ycse6YeBSNMZ6QtV7OnvNMP17mTO60mTENPfOly8eKeAonR4LfKi0Lj2yp9vqQFrM2Y3knirIULWtqsO50SIxwqIqxMyJ90CGTb8UfOlt8eKeAonR4LfKi0Lj2ypDjMmlvcD3XtqsO50SIxwqIqxMyJ907oUJ3LkuacoKP5d8k7nV3KqWdi)dfigNMep8k)0eeI0)ipM4X7nHdAcgbfpEVjCqtoeu8etHu2RukYJUC4jKe)MMAOoHmnR4vgBOjLnRALuZgDbJNGKqtQAlSgsD6P9kvtamj(nnNE6DhTP60b8AHjEL9kieP)rEmXtmfcGOlLqvKhtmXeVkkde4vIUC4bcjGjlGJu9wPrA(abfpgPlO4bkHAKtxXqLt7)KKMpMMH3pDnCSPFqNMe1tVuR0Lj2SFAGZPRFLoDwOtxP8vDAip801)0zHonj)WPg50ggM2R2cB8A90avH8r90YpOjjYPluYIApEhuvcCf0f8oGHNDWzX7Xdq9IcVGPyIjIaUsage Information
Basic Disc rotation for dungeons and leveling. It does the DPS, you do the atonment if required beyond constant heals.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.09.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Shadow Word: Pain

Main Sequence: Power Word: Solace, Shadow Word: Pain, Power Word: Shield, Shadowfiend, Penance, Smite

My Mouseover PWF macro:

#showtooltip Power Word: Shield
/console Sound_EnableSFX0
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear() 
/console Sound_EnableSFX1
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] Power Word: Shield

My mouseover PWR macro

#showtooltip Power Word: Radiance
/console Sound_EnableSFX0
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear() 
/console Sound_EnableSFX1
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] Power Word: Radiance

My Disc Priest macro
My Shadow Priest macro
My Sub Rogue macro
My Outlaw Rogue macro
My Assassin Rogue One shot macro
My Frost Dk macro
My Arms Warrior macro
My Fire Mage macro

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Hi @Urzulus
Would you be so kind as to explain why /cast Shadow Word: Pain is also within PostMacro?
Thanks in advance.

I think I did it for uptime reasons, however I will review and get back to you. I also have noticed I have noticed I have /castsequence with one spell so i was intending on reviewing tonight anyway!

Thanks for the review point.

Still the best disc Macro IMO. Have been able to use it in Mythics, raids and PVP. What more do you want?

Nice, thanks for sharing - gonna give this a test and let you know how it performs for me

Well, I think it goes great. I have used it for leveling, dungeons, heroics, mythics raids. All I do is have PWS on a modifier.

Hey great macro ty for your work. I am lvling my Disc from 110 so maybe that is the issue but Schism is not firing at all. Is this meant to be spammed? I tried 30ms all the way up to 300ms and no dice. Thanks!

going to give this one a try :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems I figured it out. You have 2 tabs and its set to default on 2 and I was looking at 1 sorry.

I tweaked the macro to remove trash. works cleaner now.

Love the macro, using it to lvl and it beats other macro’s i’ve tried so far.
Nice work man, much appreciated.

Is it supposed to look like this…?
WoW LazyM

I don’t get it. It doesn’t appear to be doing anything. I hit the button, it just keeps casting the same skill over and over and I have to keep pressing the button.

Need more info on what does not work, did you import the code properly in GSE and use the right macro icon? Do u use some kind of keypress addon or gaming keyboard?

for some reason Penance does not channel fully it gets instantly cut off. this is even without spamming it any ideas?

Can you check your combat logs to see if it firing the bolts. The macro incorporates “nochanneling” meaning that it will not interrupt that spell string under any circumstance. With high latency though the spell firing its full duration may not be apparent though.

So was definitely my fault I had to turn off trinket use I had an old click one on. Everything is working great now thanks for the macro!

Hello the macro Raid is ready?
Or is there a macro hie rin forum for the Dizi priest?


[quote quote=66924]Hello the macro Raid is ready? Or is there a macro hie rin forum for the Dizi priest?

As I think I mentioned in the OP. I was definitely using it for Raids.

Just dinking around with my 380 Shadow Priest and swapped over to Disco.

Great macro. Works exceptionally well. I have been Disco for the last 4-5 years and only swapped to Shadow this exp pack, but with this macro, I was easily able to jump right back into healing. Thanks for your time!