High parse BM hunter 8.3 UPDATED 90k+ dps 29 JULY 20

UPDATED 29/7/20

Hey guys.
Sorry i haven’t been very active of late RL stuff and all

I have refined the macro a little and added a PVP version and fixed it from locking up. Talents for PVP are 1,3,3,3,2,1,2 I have reached 1800 in 2’s and use Remote guidance device on auto cast and Writhing segment of Drest’agath on a key bind so it isn’t wasted

I have 3x Dance and 3x Primal at 474 equipped i use ahk at 70 ms

Talents 2-2-x-2-x-1-2

This macro contains 2macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.11.

  • The Default macro is 1
  • PVP uses version 2
  • Arenas use version 2
Macro Version 1
Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Aspect of the Wild, Bestial Wrath

KeyPress: Call Pet 5, Revive Pet

Main Sequence: Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Bestial Wrath, Cobra Shot, Aspect of the Wild

Macro Version 2
Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Aspect of the Wild, Dash, Bestial Wrath

KeyPress: Bite, Claw, Revive Pet, Call Pet 1

Main Sequence: Concussive Shot, Kill Command, Cobra Shot, Heart Essence, Barbed Shot, Bestial Wrath, Aspect of the Wild


hello luke_mala the macro seems to turn well, I see no hiccups nor spell blocks nor anything, only thing I noticed, it’s a little constant stack of barbed shots, often expires, when in fact it should be kept up to 3 stacks as much as possible to keep high dps of the bm. i don’t know if it’s a problem of critical statistics in % high (i for example basic I have 39%) and maybe you need to have very high critical to make it proccare,. on the mannequin stable lap from 45-50 k I did several tests with values set on the mouse at 50-70 ms nice work however I try it also in raid and mythical plus

look i did other tests and the macro runs well nice work, i noticed in fact that the end game raid players keep critical value very high even at 50% so they definitely have many more barbed shot proc and constantly keep 3 stack ups. nice work compliments

Hey thanks for you input im going to inbox you a newer version tell me what you think of that. I havent tested it in raid yet but it seems to be doing abit more on the dummy than before.

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header in heroic raid (boss the g’yniot) closed at 55k dps final.

ok tested new version

do you want to put the other macro up to and ill test that to as the 1st one im having problems with not casting BW AOTW very well for some reason

are you going to post the other macro then for me to try out ???

thanks i will post back later after testing

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I tested the macro in raid and mythical plus, I confirm that I’m fine a lot depends on the statistics that you have in your pg trinket etc. but it runs well. the only thing that I notice in this macro is often waiting for the 2 cd (aspect of wild/bestial wrath) practically does not use them immediately but sometimes even spend 7-8 seconds skipping them. it is a factor that occurs in all macros since it is no longer possible to use them in keypress have
this problem now in case maybe if you really want to be precise just use them manually.

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Does this macro also include the spirit beast self heal? I have found this to be very helpful in progression raids, but not all like it due to a ‘dps’ loss…I rather take the loss and survive and give healers some respite …

Thanks for the macro I will test on Mythic Hyvemind tomorrow

No it doesn’t I find it to be a dps loss and don’t think the healing is that significant to justify adding it in it’s a pure dps macro with targeting

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the macro is not bad at all any chance you can add heart essence in i tried to but it doesn’t fire off once maybe but thats about it, it seems to work when i add heart essence to other macros but not yours unfortunatley, thankyou

Nigel to be honest I’d probably not bother with it if I was you. Personally I use vision of perfection which is BIS for bm these days and vop is just passive.

Hi Luke, I understand the heal from spirit beast being a dps loss, but could you at least help me put it in or educate me on how to do it

Awesome macro anyway to get a aoe one?

Unfortunately I’m having a lot of problems with hunter bm every macro I use I do at the end 50k of maximum dps especially in mythical plus. I don’t know at this point where is the problem if in the use of the gear I’m constantly changing, if in the setting of the macro (I use software mouse corsair icue pressing macro set from 40-70 ms manually) I don’t understand why it stays still like that. I’m item level 470-475 with the pieces I have and yet it doesn’t work as it should. I have essence bis complete bis strokes for both raid and plus weaphon bis etc.some advice would be of great help thanks.

I think if I don’t solve it I’ll leave the class.

@ serpione can you link you armory so we could look at your gear and find out whats wrong as im using this macro and i has way higher numbers than 50k you may also have the wrong essneces sim yourself and put up link also

Ok here’s my current armory updated to yesterday. I’m orientated to take the raden trinket and a corrupt level 2 “severe”.


There, this is my first post on here but i’ve been around for a while reading all the posts and loving the macros.

I have just ran your toon through ask mr robot (https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/86eeba111877412186cdf735d7c5c899)

and it puts you at 50,384 DPS I’ve ran through the BIS including Heroic Ny’alotha and according to AMR you can get +10% dps with the following changes:

Let me know your thoughts on this as im still in the process of gearing my hunter.

With this in mind I have ran the 2nd macro mentioned above, I simmed at 35k dps and scored 34k on a raiders training dummy, potentially if i used my spirit beasts rather than my core hounds i would have got 35k dps on the dummy.