💤 Lutechi 9.x+ Balance Macro All-in-One

Welcome to my AIO Macro Series, it covers every possible talent combination. Give this smart lazy macro a try and look for my other classes or specs if you enjoy this one.

Tell me while I stream if it worked for you or ask questions: Lutechi@Twitch

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Usage Information

Mod:Alt - Hold while Eclipse phase, release to alternate Eclipse phase and Warrior of Elune if Talented | Mod:Ctrl - Starfall AoE | Mod:Shift - Celestial Alignment or Incarnation if Talented
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This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.01-beta5-shadowlands.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Moonfire, Moonkin Form, Sunfire, Stellar Flare, Celestial Alignment

Main Sequence: Moonfire, Starsurge, New Moon, Sunfire, Wrath, Stellar Flare, Starfire, Starfall

KeyRelease: Warrior of Elune


hello lutechi I wanted to ask you, but have you already tried to use the variable section and how does it work? by chance do you have other bm mm macro hunter etc.?

Hello @gamers, yes I just posted the Hunter BM and have most specs already done is just taking me forever to do prep work etc.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to post the rest or more until tomorrow, is late and have work in the morning :frowning:

Hopefully you like them. Here is the BM you asked for:

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@gamers An example of Variables is located at GSE 2.6 Frost Macro Demonstrating Variables

Its a classic macro but will give you the idea of how it works.

back from the dead :stuck_out_tongue:

loving the macro, escecially the firing rate on the wraths, its so fast the animations are barely keeping up :stuck_out_tongue:
great job!
(and saying hi on the next stream)

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Hey Lutechi, I really like the macros you’ve made for the classes in Shadowlands so far. Not that this is in context lol but I was wondering if you’d be building a feral druid build at all?

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Hey BudGod,

Yes, I have 3 specs left to do including feral and then will try to revise them all again as I get to them.

You are very welcome :wink:

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Dope man, I’m hyped for it!

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Thank you for your work on this!

Is it possible you could add Convoke the Spirits to this?

My testing is giving some pretty decent numbers with this!

Everything in macro works ok
but Celestial Alignment does not fire with shift mod.
I did clear key bindings from gse
I manually cleaned all keybindings related to shift + anything
I did update macro stubs

But cant seem to make shift modifier work in this macro. I’m lvl 48 btw.

Hello kucukti,

I tested the macro on my end and it does work with Shift.

Are you pushing the macro manually? If not, can you try manually and hold Shift while pushing. If that works then there is something messing up with your software. If not, might have to keep looking.

How might I turn off the auto targeting feature in this macro. I would rather do it manually in all cases. Thank you.

Hello Noob_Noobington,

Edit the macro and delete this line:

/targetenemy [noharm]

Thank you, sir. I guess I should have checked the obvious, sorry to bother you.

Hello, if you use AHK and use in your code this: Send, {somekey, in my example case its 1} try instead of use: ControSend, , {1} or Send, {Blind}{1} or ControlSend, , {Blind}{1} One of these “sends” works.

If it still doesn’t work, let me know and post your code to PM, I will help you to solve it. (Spent many hours programming with AHK coding language).

can’t use shift or alt key in marco any one can help out ?

Hello sune,

Did you reset the keybindings? GSE Options > Macro Reset > Clear Keybindings

Yes an it dont work :frowning:

Do you use AHK software or fire it manually yourself?

i use AHK but i only have the press MS one