Shadow Whisperer by Urzulus

Version 1.0 (release)

Goal: Provide sustainable high DPS output.

Explanation: I would like to acknowledge EnixLHQ for getting me started. He has done some standup work. This is a priority based string execution, seems pretty smooth to me.

Reason:Shadow Priests are not particularly hard now that BFA has arrived. Build up the pool, then deplete when you can. This build takes advantage of being unable to cast certain spells until they become active.

Rotation hierarchy:

Vampiric Touch (user cast) > Dark Ascension > Shadowfiend > Void Eruption > Mind Blast > Mind Flay


My Disc Priest macro
My Shadow Priest macro
My Sub Rogue macro
My Outlaw Rogue macro
My Assassin Rogue One shot macro
My Frost Dk macro
My Arms Warrior macro
My Fire Mage macro

Thanks dude!

No problems, let me know if you have any suggestions or issues.

Thanks very good for me

Works awesome for me. Sustainable.

Thanks, that is the goal. Everything is temporary till the expansion rolls.

I cannot for the life of me get mind flay to go more than half of it’s cast maybe 3/4 of the cast before it stops and continues the rotation. Any solutions as I have changed ms timing from 40 to 200 ms and 0 change. I use logitech g13 using the logitech gaming software. I have a lot of alts and this is the first gse code that has had this problem. Any help is appreciated.

@ John. This is what we want. We cast mind flay (as a filler only) until something better is available. The macro than stops the cast (nochanneling command)

tks, works for me. very nice.

Great Macro , thank you for your work. What talents would you suggests for max dps?

OK, I will be the first to say this. I used Enix’s macro a little bit ago, and I was only able to get maybe 2k burst and 1.3k sustained DPS. With this macro, I was able to get ~3.4k burst and 2.2k sustained dps. This macro works so much better. My priest is only 110 with an ilvl of 192. And that’s pretty damn good in my book. Thank you for this macro.

This is me being lazy. But whatever was in the macro. I dont have an active wow account atm as my son was born on the 16th of October. Havent had time to touch wow.

Thank you very much, I am glad you liked it.

for shadow crash @ target it seems to just pop up the aoe reticle thing and not cast shadow crash at all
i modified it from the original
/cast [combat,@target] Shadow Crash to
/cast [combat,@cursor] Shadow Crash
seems to fire off shadow crash better for me at least

but overall realy good macro man

[quote quote=67539]for shadow crash @ target it seems to just pop up the aoe reticle thing and not cast shadow crash at all i modified it from the original /cast [combat,@target] Shadow Crash to /cast [combat,@cursor] Shadow Crash seems to fire off shadow crash better for me at least
but overall realy good macro man[/quote]

Yeah [@target] is not valid in the Blizzard API, [@player] (player meaning yourself) and [@cursor] are the only 2 valid commands.

I just stumbled across this site. It has helped me relearn several of my toons. I have /never/ played shadow and just wanted to say how helpful this post was.

Congrats on the baby!


How fast do u use it?

I’m probably doing something daft - it’s not casting vampire touch half the time on starting combat and never when switching targets in combat.

I manually apply Vampire Touch - if you wait long enough it is at the begging of the list, but not always, to get around this, hold down ALT and hit your macro, it should apply it. Then let go of alt and back to macro.

Urzulus, the talents you have showing in the macro don’t match the macro itself, can you correct that (including the @target vs. @cursor correction), lot of people are not able to make changes themselves for varies reasons?!

Unless you lost all interest in this script.


This one works very well, still only an alt. But quite close to simdps on dummie. Fires off pretty much perfect for me


$stop := 0





KeyWait, LButton, U




Send f

Sleep %freq%

if ($stop)






$stop := 1