💤 Lutechi 9.x+ Protection Paladin Macro All-in-One

Welcome to my AIO Macro Series, it covers every possible talent combination. Give this smart lazy macro a try and look for my other classes or specs if you enjoy this one.

Tell me while I stream if it worked for you or ask questions: Lutechi@Twitch

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Usage Information

Mod:Alt - Ardent Defender and Blessing of Spellwarding if Talented | Mod:Ctrl - Aura Roulette | Mod:Shift - Guardian of Ancient Kings
Hold CTRL modifier to select your Aura.
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This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.24.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Crusader Aura, Concentration Aura, Devotion Aura, Retribution Aura

Main Sequence: Word of Glory, Avenger’s Shield, Judgment, Crusader Strike, Consecration, Hammer of Wrath, Blessing of Protection, Shield of the Righteous

KeyRelease: Word of Glory, Divine Protection, Shield of the Righteous, Guardian of Ancient Kings, Consecration, Avenging Wrath, Cone of Cold


Good Work bro :slight_smile:

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Hi there,
I managed to import the macro, put macro on action bar 2, bind mouse 4 on that, installed AHK and made a script with
Loop, 200
Send {XButton1}
Sleep 100
But when I press mouse 4 it starts but cant stop it :smile: Also pressing ctrl or shift doesnt make anything…
PS: Any addon for counting damage cause Skadi doesnt work any more…
Thanks a lot

Check the AHK channel in our Discord.

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This works really well for me at level 60. Thank you for sharing.

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Great for leveling in Shadowlands including dungeons. Thank you!

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I really like the macro but why does it turn off my special effects sounds? I tried a different macro and it does not turn it off. Anyone?


maybe one of the mods is also a keybinding you are using for your sounds?

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It was turning my sound off also. Go into GSE, click options, scroll to bottom …in game play options uncheck Prevent Sound Errors…close then save…worked for me

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Hi Bodu,
what brand of mouse do you use Do you have an application that you can use to configure the buttons? If there is, you do not need to use AHK

I would love to know this too… I have razer synapse and I cant seem to create the mouse button macro properly for this in game macro

I disabled all keybinds for sound. Someone somewhere told me ‘ctrl S’ whatever that means.

Tried that, didn’t work. It’s too bad. This is a good macro but I need the sound…

So whats going on here is when you’re running the macro you will eventually hold down CTRL to blow that cooldown, and sometimes perform some movement using the S key. Repositioning is important and constant. what ends up happening is you’re holding down CTRL and the macro is firing like a beast and you press S to back up. All at the same time. In the default WOW keybinds there is the “Toggle Sound” keybind which is by default- set to CTRL+S.

The fix is easy too. All you do is
(click within the Toggle Sound keybind)
-on the bottom center click “Unbind Key”

As far as i know there will never be a time i need to use a keybind to mute wow. i can do that in many other, ways.

Hope this helps!


Was doing this all the time, and having to turn it back on via sound settings.

Have made said key bind change. Ty!

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Hi mate. Love your AIO macros. I was watching your twitch yesterday and saw your prot pally. Is this the macro you use?

Hello Justme33,

Yes of course :wink:

Only thing I added was my Class Ability at the bottom I think and trying at lower speed 225ms seems to have better manageability to hit other things like free heal on your own or any other ability not in the macro.

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Your pally looked great and i enjoyed watching so you have inspired me to make a paladin. So far ive gone from level 10 to level 25 in BC dungeons tanking. Ive only started tanking recently so im a total noob. I dont know dungeon routes but im using zygors and with your macro im doing alright. So thankyou

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what is the talent arrangement for this macro

Here’s a clue, champ: All-in-One like the title says, sir.

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